Xeon 3200 Dedicated Servers

Web hosting is still in high trend these days. Small business, bloggers, etc. pop up everywhere. Many people are still deciding and trying to find the right components in which their websites and servers will run smoothly and harmoniously, without or rarely getting server crashes. Picking the right company that will give you what you want is essential. Security, capabilities, server management, and of course the right kind of hardware. One of these so-called hardware is the microprocessors.

What is a microprocessor?

  •  It is the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer, or simply, our computer’s brain
  •  It is a microchip that lets you manage and edit, it is clock driven, and also a device that receives information, follows instructions from its memory, then gives us outputs as its result.
  •  It is made of a microchip that the makers put on a small piece of silicon. Which then are made of thousand of tiny transistors that are intertwined with really fine wires that are made of copper.

The Birth of a New Quad Core Desktop Microprocessor

Released on January 7, 2007, Intel introduced Xeon 3200 series or also known as “Kentsfield”. It is a desktop quad core CPU, with Core 2 as its brand. It is the same with 5300 series in its important aspects, but it can only entertain a single-CPU action. It is made up of 2 detached dual-core die beside each other inside one CPU package.
3 Different Models of Xeon 3200 Series

  •  X3210, with a speed of 2.13 GHz
  •  X3220, with a speed of 2.40 GHz, sold as Core2 Quad Q6600
  •  X3230, with a speed of 2.66 GHz, sold as Core2 Quad Q6700

This brand gives us the state-of-the-art and cutting edge processors for hosting websites and desktop PC’s. This is very fitting for beginners who wants to make their first websites or small business who is on a tight budget. Platforms that use this processor gives you a top of the line work that helps you execute your concepts continuously, in a very cheap way, without sacrificing the quality of each of them. This processors gives us the standard I/O that can go up to 4GB/s high transmission with a link as high as 8x. It has increased floating point and multi-media system for better inscription, 3D performance, audio and video. It works 3x better than its earlier single processor versions. This system is based on core architecture that enables you to run on a big-range 64 and 32-bit applications that still manage to give you more room to mature. Web hosting providers that have Xeon 3200 processors gives them the capability to deal with their customer’s issues with personalized solutions.

How is using Xeon 3200 based web hosting going to benefit me?

  •  It is cost effective. Low power efficiency while getting a high end productivity and performance.
  •  It can work perfectly on many types of applications in a low voltage cost.
  •  The Xeon 3200 series has a technology that will automatically adjust the power that is consumed while still giving good applications performance.
  •  It also has a matrix technology that speeds up the systems actions. It also prevents you from losing important information.
  •  Contains an ECC or Error Correcting Codes for finding out memory malfunctions in the system
  •  Lastly, it also contains an application in which it protects you from harmful viruses that may affect your system’s performance.

All in all getting a Xeon 3200 series microprocessor for your web server is not a bad idea after all. It may be limited to some aspects, but it gives the entry level web designers a good material to work on, without having to sacrifice large amount of money.

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