Dual Processor Dedicated Servers

Before the rise of dual processors, there was the single processor. It was best for small business and for entry level servers. But there were problems in which the only option in which people can attain their goals in business is to make a new device that will help the servers accommodate more needs of the consumers

What are Dual Processors?

It simply means a computer with 2 central processing units or CPU in the same chassis. In this kind of system, these 2 processors can be found on the same motherboard, or separated. You are going to need another CPU that supports dual processing to connect each of them so they can transmit data back and forth.

Before the launch of dual processors, there was the single processor. It has productivity limitations, so they increased the clock frequency for it to have a better performance. But when they tried to increase it even more up to 3 GHz, there was too much heat generated that it prevented the processor to work properly. So they made a solution: add more processors, and make them work with each other. Because of this, three different solutions was made:

 Multiple processors

 It simply means that you have 2 or more processors supporting a certain server that work together to finish certain tasks

 Multiple core

This means having 2 or more cores per chip inside the processors

 Multiple Threads

When a core is doing tasks, it doesn’t usually use its entire capability of its core. That was when multi threading was launched. With multi threading, every core can do 2 or more tasks all at the same time.

There has always been a debate on which one is better to use, a dual processor or a dual core processor. Many say that it’s the dual core or the dual processing. By learning their performance on each of a processors feature, you will learn which one really is the best.

Here are some comparisons of the 2 processors in certain features:

 Power consumption

Dual core processors have lesser power consumption because they transmit data in smaller distance from each other. Dual core processors also have unified circuitry such as cache and front-side bus interface which lessens the wattage that is needed to make the same transmission in the system. In Dual processors, they are in 2 separate CPU’s and they’re going to need another CPU’s with the capability to connect them both together. Having 3 processors triples the power consumption.

 Multitasking Results

Having 2 cores in the same die makes the response time much faster, because of short distance from each other. This allows the dual core processor to have results such as having no slowing down issue on CPU applications all used at the same time. The dual processor is also good for multitasking, as for example, while you are cleaning up your disk storage you can also watch a movie while waiting for it to finish. As having 2 CPU’s working together, it lets them both do their job efficiently.

Threading Execution

In connection to multitasking, when a computer is doing something with a heavy workload such as watching a video, the processing of data from the video will be fast and it will cut the processing time into half. This is because each core is taking half the job on each core. This is called parallel processing.

 Size and Space

Since dual processors have 2 CPU’s it increases the size it needs for its storage. Dual core processors have 2 cores but one body, only need a small place to store it.

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