Xeon 3400 Dedicated Servers

As of today, businesses are expected to run 24/7 without any delays or issues, be productive for it to be able to have a consistent number of consumers visiting. For this to work, you need to have a very dependable and will not let you down when it comes to results. Choosing a good server CPU for your website is not really that hard, you just need to pick something that will suit your needs and deliver good outcomes. Xeon 3400 Series has the microarchitecture named Nehalem. This architecture is based on a 45 nm technology together with a combined controlled memory and a graphic set up of PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Express. They can welcome up to 3 DIMM’s (Dual In-line Memory Module) in registered types, and up 2 DIMM’s for the unbuffered types, both per channels . Processors that have this kind of architecture gives you more clock speed and also more voltage-efficient. Also, in this architecture they reintroduced hyper threading technology or HTT. This allows the CPU to multi task. A processor with this kind of technology is made up of 2 logical processors in each core, in which both of them has it very own architectural capacity for processors.

Any interesting positive points for Nehalem architecture?

It has been said that Nehalem gives more importance when it comes to performs, and so it increases the size of its core.Compared to Penryn, its predecessor it has:

  •  It has an upper hand when it come to single thread actions and also more multi tasking work with equal level of power
  •  It consumes low levels of power in equal performance
  •  Increase in clock for clock attainment per core

Platforms that are based on Xeon 3400 processor series and chipset are very good choice for groups or companies that are very money conscious that is looking for a substitute for their older server processors or perhaps their very first one. These systems are very easy to manage, hassle-free work and gives the consumers the work they need to attain and meet their business goals. Xeon 3400 consists of the following technologies:

  •  Wide range of memory set ups that allows and supports up to 16GB or 32 GB of memory
  •  has EEC or Error Correcting Code to help protect and increase the integrity of your system
  •  a better Virtualization technology that lets your servers use both 32 and 64 bit applications on your servers
  •  a turbo boost technology that is made with high end aspects that accommodates to your business and application needs
  •  gives you the option of working with lower power compared to other processors

Series 3400 is also known as Lynnfield. It was launched back in September 2009. It is was sold with other brand such as Core i5 and Core i7. There had been a few misunderstandings about the core i7 and Xeon 3400 series.

  •  The i7 is a CPU desktop and the 3400 series is a CPU that is made for servers.
  •  3400 series has ECC memory for support, the i7 does not.
  •  Applications that are needed in business are available and included in the Xeon 3400
  •  While Core i7 and Xeon 3400 share the same speed, the i7 is not good for heavy application and virtualization.

To sum it all up using Xeon 3400 as your choice of processor for your hosting server has its good points. It is designed for beginners on making their first websites at a very low cost pricing, and also low cost on power usage. The processor delivers a high increase in work compared to its predecessor.

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