Xeon 5000 Dedicated Servers

What is Xeon 5000 Dedicated Server?

It is a dedicated server that uses Xeon 5000 Series as its processor. The dual core Xeon 5000 series processor lets the following platforms the power to enhance the information capacity, increase your chance on getting to your business goals, getting to do more work done in fewer systems.

The dual core Xeon series processor is a great choice for heavy workloads, hard applications for business and top of the line workstations. Xeon 5000 series based systems are expected to increase performance up to 2x. It works along with the old IA-32 architecture processors. It runs great with high end systems such as Windows XP and Linux. It gives us the power to compute in exceptional amount and adjustability for servers that are powerful, internet set up, and server applications. It has 2 NetBurst architecture that are combined in one package. It was given a codename Dempsey which used 65 nanometer.

To give you a bit of an overview for the Xeon 5000 series, here a few benefits that you can attain from it. First, it can give you more space for your data to be kept close to units for you to be able to have access to your data faster and hassle free. You can also have increase in speed bus than other processors before it. Up to date processor hardware. Xeon 5000 having an HTT, gives you up 8 threads in a DP platform to enhance processor performance. It is also very flexible for 32 and 64 bit functions and platforms. It also has DBS or Demand-Based Switching that lets you conserve power and enhance your system.

What are the features of Xeon 5000 series?

  •  Execute Disable Bit (XD Bit)
  •  Virtualization Technology
  •  Hyper Threading technology (HTT) lets you have til 8 threads per platform
  •  Dual core processor
  •  NetBurst microarchitecture
  •  Dual Processing (DP) server support
  •  3.73 GHz processor speed
  •  Hyper pipelined technology
  •  Execution Trace Cache
  •  2 MB advanced transfer cache per core with 8-way usability
  •  667/1066 MHz front side bus
  •  Also includes a 16-KB and 12-KB Level 1 trace cache per core

The Xeon 5000 series are put in a package that comes in a pinless substrate with 771 lands. The package contains:

  •  Package lands
  •  Die
  •  IHS or Integrated Heat Spreader
  •  Landslide capacitors
  •  TIM or Thermal Interface Material
  •  Package substrate

Dual Core Xeon 500 series has 5 models. They are 5080 with a speed of 3.73 GHz, 5063 with a speed of 3.20 GHz, 5060 with 3.20 GHz speed, 5050 with a 3.00GHz speed and lastly, 5030 with a 2.67 GHz.

What is a Processor Sequence?

As you have noticed processors series always has a number with them in order for people to differentiate them from other products. New updates on the processors like new architecture, new size of the cache, power usage, etc., gives a very important role in structure performance, power efficiency usage and other advantages. The sequences will give the designers to choose the best processor to use on their structure designs, and to make the users understand them more easily for them to experience it full time.

  •  Pentium 4/Pentium D are for small businesses, very first server set up
  •  Xeon 5000 Sequence processor are for facilities that are based on Xeon processors
  •  Processor 7000 sequence expandable than dual processing platforms
  •  Itanium 2 processor 9000 sequence supreme work productivity and innovation

Is Xeon 5000 a good choice for a dedicated server?

With the makers and designers of this processor giving excellent efficiency in making this series work, the Xeon 5000 is a very good choice for your dedicated server. With it being easy to use, flexible and being dependable but at a very low cost, it certainly is worth it.

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