Dedicated vs shared hosting

What’s the difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting?

One major difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting is that clients of Shared Hosting services share the use of all the resources of a single server while clients of Dedicated Hosting services has the exclusive use of the resources of the entire server for himself. This basically means that with Shared Hosting, a number of clients, which could reach up to hundreds, get to share the RAM, the computing power, the bandwidth and the disk space of a single shared server while these same resources are dedicated for the use of a single client only in Dedicated hosting.
Another difference between the two is that basically, with Dedicated Hosting, the service provider keeps a hands-off policy in terms of server administration and management while the service provider takes care of the server administration tasks like the bandwidth management, backups, security and setup, among others, giving the client more time to focus on his sole responsibility, which is the content management.
The third major difference between the two is their cost. Shared hosting generally costs much lesser than Dedicated hosting. This is because clients of shared hosting services also share with the cost of maintaining and running the server which means that each client pays just a part of the total amount, resulting to a cheap hosting service.

What advantages does shared hosting bring?

Clients of Shared hosting service should expect to receive a good number of advantages from their hosting service. Among these advantages are:

 Cheap, cost-effective but efficient hosting

Since clients share everything from the server, they also get to share the cost of running and maintaining it. This translates into each subscriber being rewarded with low cost but efficient hosting.


Although the resources of a single server is being shared by a number of websites being housed and hosted by it, Shared Hosting plans are known for its dependability and reliability as well as its high rating in uptime and website performance.

  •  Clients are rewarded with ease in setting up and maintaining their site with the use of web based control panels.
  •  The service provider takes care of the server administration and management tasks giving clients a free hand to personally administer their site.

What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting could be a bit expensive compare to shared hosting. However, being a bit costly is often advantageous. These are the advantages that dedicated server hosting brings:

  •  The entire resources of the server is dedicated for a single client’s use only which means he does not need to share the server’s resources like processor power, disk space and memory with any other subscriber using the facility assuring the client of top calibre server performance.
  •  Client’s website do not run the risk of being crashed, swamped or slowed down by any other site using the server or requesting resources from the server.
  •  Clients need not worry about security concerns or of anybody within the server accessing his files as nobody else has access to it but himself.
  •  With nobody else being affected to worry about, clients can optimize and customize the server configuration to suit to his needs.
  •  Clients can make custom firewall configurations in order to enforce access control policy.
  •  Clients can request the provider to add more memory, more processor power and disk space, should the need arise.
  •  Clients enjoy freedom and full control over the type of software and applications he wants to install without waiting for the host provider. He can even run software that are typically not allowed in shared hosting plans.

Which is better, dedicated hosting or shared hosting?

Making a black or white answer to the question of which is better between the two could be very difficult as there could be no straight answer it. The choice of which is better all depends upon the purpose, the needs and the requirements of the website that is to be hosted.
However, this should serve as your basic guide; dedicated server hosting may be more expensive compared to shared hosting but the catch is that you will have more control over a more powerful and reliable server. However, if you are willing to trade the server freedom and power over low-cost hosting, then, by all means, choose shared server.

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