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Are InMotion’s ecommerce tools vital for my ecommerce site?

One of the key factors in an online business’s success or in an ecommerce’s success is the choice and availability of the right ecommerce tools. Using and possessing the right ecommerce tools is already half the battle won in your online business. This is the reason why choosing the right ecommerce web hosting provider is imperative in the success of your ecommerce venture. Among the widely recognized leader in ecommerce web hosting is InMotion. Founded in the year 2001, the company offers a wide array of efficient and useful ecommerce tools whose usefulness to e-businesses has been proven time and again. Aside from this, Inmotion is known for its reliable hosting service, unmatched performance, power-packed and feature rich hosting packages offered at a very affordable price.

What ecommerce tools does Inmotion offer?

To help ensure the success of your online business, InMotion offers the following ecommerce tools as a standard feature of the ecommerce web hosting package:

 Shopping Carts


An open source and easy to use program that is recognized as one of the best solutions in creating online stores. PrestaShop supports payment gateways such as Google Checkout, PayPal, Skrill, Authorize.Net, and DirecPay as well as support international online stores, multiple shop and inventory management and taxes.

 OS Commerce

Another open source ecommerce and online store-management application that can be used on any web server that has MySQL and PHP installed.

 Zen Cart

A PHP based shopping cart that is easy to setup and is highly recommended to selling online. It has multiple category modes and is a completely customizable ecommerce tool.

 Cube Cart

Designed to run on servers that have PHP and MySQL support, the CubeCart is a tool that is designed to help quickly setup powerful online stores.

 Open Cart

Another open source shopping cart that is PHP-based and is well known as a user-friendly, robust and powerful shopping cart solution.

 Premium Website Builder – eShop

This application includes an online shopping cart called eShop. It is easy to setup and is user-friendly however, it lacks some of the powerful features of other shopping cart applications.

 Merchant Account Gateways

A bank account that allows online stores and businesses to accept credit card or debit card payments and serves as the agreement between the retailer, the merchant bank and the payment gateway. It facilitates the secure transfer of a secure transfer of information between your merchant account and your website.

 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Is among the key components of a successful ecommerce site as it assures your customers of a safe and secure transmission of sensitive information that your clients encode and enter into your online store.

How can I install my Shopping Cart software?

Shopping Cart software installation is easy with the use of InMotion’s built in Softaculous, a tool that can be found in the cPanel. Here are a few easy steps that you need to follow in order to install your shopping cart software. These steps should work to any, if not all, of the applications that you wish to install in your InMotion hosted account.

  •  First, you need to log into your cPanel and click on the “Softaculous” link which can be found under the Software/Services section;
  •  Click on the program you wish to install. You can find the available programs to install from the categories on the left menu. For this specific case, look for the shopping cart software that you wish to install.
  •  Click on “Install” button which is usually located above the software description.
  •  You may need to fill in the necessary installation details and then again click the “Install” button.
  •  After clicking the install button, you should see a progress bar indicating the status of the installation process. As soon as the installation is completed, you should see a pop-up with a message similar to this one: “Congratulations, the software was successfully installed.”

Can InMotion’s shopping carts really help my ecommerce site?

InMotion’s shopping carts are known for the fast page loads and for being among the fastest shopping carts in the ecommerce hosting industry. This is because of the exceptionally fast MySQL databases that these shopping carts use. You may ask why should a fast shopping cart be a help. Well, customers don’t want to wait around just for a page to load or to update. A snail paced shopping page will drive customers away, causing you to lose a sale and for a business this is certainly not good.

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