Does InMotion Offer A Website Builder?

A website builder is an online proprietary tool, provided by a web hosting company which is intended for web users to create and build their own website.
InMotion hosting company offers a premium website builder with the goal of creating and publishing a great looking, full-featured website and getting it online in the easiest way.

How does InMotion’s website builder serve you?

You can create your own website, message board, photo gallery or blog all in one location by using InMotion’s website builder. You no longer have to use different hosting companies to do and create each.
With InMotion’s premium builder, you can add a photo gallery, a blog, a guestbook, a message board to your website hassle-free. Another great thing about the website builder of InMotion is that it enables you to require web browsers to register for your website, capturing vital user information.
By using InMotion hosting’s premium website builder, you can create, build and manage all those features from just a single location.

Features of InMotion’s Premium Website Builder


 You can create and edit blog posts and categories anytime, anywhere.

 Message Board

You can create a message board that enables your users to communicate with each other and give you feedback. Message boards are also a wonderful way to help your users create and build website content that the search engine likes.

 Photo Gallery

You can upload and share your pictures, create categories and add captions and descriptions easily. Thumbnails of your photos are made automatically.


 You can make your own guestbook wherein your visitors can leave comments or give feedbacks.

InMotion Website Builder: 3 Simple Steps

InMotionhosting company gives you 3 easy steps to create your own website through their premium website builder:

 Choose the theme you like

You can start choosing the theme for your website from over 500+ industry specific themes InMotion’s premium builder provides. After which, you can enjoy customizing the color scheme and header graphic. You can also upload your own logo, make a flash intro, and add or remove pages.

 Add content to your website

 The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get website editor lets you add content to your website as easy as using a word processor like Microsoft Word. You just have to add or paste your content and format your text through their easy point-and-click interface.


Once you are contented and happy with your website design and presentation, publish it with just one click.

Premium Website Builder Educational Channel

InMotion Hosting provides tutorials that are helpful for you as you choose to use their premium website builder
Premium website builder tutorials:

  •  Building a website
  •  Customizing your website
  •  Linking in the premium web builder
  •  Working with modules in the builder
  •  Creating an image gallery
  •  Creating a blog
  •  Creating an online store – eShop
  •  Using advanced link options in the website builder

Premium website builder also provide advanced tutorials, which includes the following:

  •  Troubleshooting publishing using premium website builder
  •  Adding external links in premium website builder
  •  Alternatives to premium website builder
  •  Utilizing a third party software along with the premium website builder
  •  How to force your premium website builder over SSL
  •  How to add a Facebook “like” button in premium website builder
  •  Linking to InMotion hosting within premium website builder
  •  How to change the page and file names in the Builder

No need to buy software

InMotions hosting’s premium website builder does not require you to purchase costly desktop applications to create, edit and build your website. These applications retail for hundreds of dollars, your website builder is included in your Business Class web hosting package for free.

Edit Anywhere

InMotion’s premium website builder gives you the wonderful opportunity to create, edit or manage your website wherever you maybe, anytime you need.

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