Is InMotion Compatible with Mac?

As you may have noticed, no single web hosting provider is offering a hosting solution that is specially designed to cater to Mac machines. Mac, a diminutive of Macintosh, is a line of personal computers that are designed, developed and are marketed by Apple. Current Macintosh models are specifically designed to serve the needs of home, education and professional users.
Among the many reasons why web hosting providers do not offer Mac hosting solutions is that Mac machines are designed to go hand-in-hand with Mac OS operating system which is also designed by apple especially for Mac machines. As such, some operating systems offered by web hosting providers experience compatibility issues with Mac machines.
Even though there is no specific Mac web hosting service, there are lots of hosting providers that do offer Mac compatible services. This type of service is called Mac Friendly hosting. It is important to note that not all hosting services are compatible with Mac machines. It is also important to note that, whether by choice or not, or by design or not, some web hosting providers are compatible with a Mac while some are not.
For most of us, this causes no concern at all as most of us are using PC’ and desktops that do not have compatibility issues with Windows, Linux or Unix based hosting. However, for those who are disciples of Mac, the search for a Mac Friendly hosting is a huge cause for concern.
InMotion is one of the hosting companies that offer Mac compatibilities especially in their ecommerce hosting solutions. Most of their ecommerce tools such as their shopping carts are compatible with Mac machines. Aside from this, InMotion favors the use of Linux servers which are known to be compatible with Mac’s as they share the same UNIX heritage.

Does InMotion support Mac Mail?

Yes, InMotion does support Mac Mail. Mac Mail is actually an email program that is included with Apple’s OS X Operating System. To be able to use Mac Mail with InMotion hosting, you need to set up the email account as your default Apple email client. Here is how to do it:

  •  When you open Mac Mail, you will be presented with a box where you are asked to provide and fill out the requested information such as your full name, your email address and your password. After providing the required information, click the “Continue” tab found on the lower right hand corner;
  •  On the succeeding screen, you will be required to provide additional information which includes:

 The Account type

Choose between POP and IMAP;


You may enter any description you like to describe the account;

 Incoming Mail Server

the usual server name will be, which of course will be replaced with your own name and domain name;


This will be your full email address; and


This will be the password of your email account.

  • Once everything is provided, click the “Continue” tab.

 The next screen will be the Outgoing Mail Server page. Here you will also be required to provide the following information:


 Again, enter what you deem fit for your account;

 Outgoing Mail Server

The entry for this box should match with the entry used in the Incoming Mail Server;

 Use Authentication

Put a check on the box provided;


This should also match with the username provided on the previous page.

 Password  This will be the password for the email account provided.

  • Click the “Continue” tab as soon as all the required information is provided.
  •  Once the setup is completed, you will be presented the Account Summary page. Do not forget to put a check on the box provided for the “Take Account Online”. When all the information presented is correct, click the “Create Account” tab and your will be ready to use you Mac Mail in InMotion hosting.

Why is Mac not compatible with all hosting services?

Some may think that the reason why Mac is not compatible with some hosting services is because of the Operating System used by the hosting provider. However, one thing that you need to know is that websites are not OS-specific and that the problem does not lie on the OS itself but on the browser. As such, the solution to the incompatibility problems of Mac is not far around the corner as a simple updating of the browser could perhaps do the trick. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it, but not all hosting providers are willing to go through the hassle of upgrading their browsers when all the other platforms work well with it.

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