Can I Cancel InMotion Anytime?

It is a client’s inherent right to cancel his hosting account with InMotion hosting, or with any other webhosting companies for that matter. No hosting company has the right to prevent a client from cancelling his webhosting account if and when that client feels that the hosting company has not provided for his website’s hosting needs or has not lived up to its promised services. However, account cancellation has to follow certain specific procedures. These procedures and its implications are fully stipulated in the InMotion Terms of Service that the client signs and agrees upon the moment the hosting service commenced, officially termed as the Initial Term.
To cancel your InMotion hosting account, you need to contact the Support Department to help you with the cancellation process. You may also contact the Billing Department which may also be able to help you with your concerns. InMotion’s Support Department is available 24/7 via phone or chat and can be called at 888-321-HOST (4678) / 757-416-6575.

What do I need to know about cancelling my InMotion Hosting account?

Although you enjoy the full authority and right to cancel his hosting account anytime that you want, it does not necessarily mean that you are also free to do it according to your wants and needs. As stipulated in the Terms of Service, though the client can cancel his account anytime, the cancellation policy has made it clear that the client can do so “upon proper notice to the company, prior to the end of the Initial Term or any Term thereafter” (Terms of Service, User Agreement 2.c).
Also included in the Terms of Service, User Agreement 2.c.i-iii, that , one, the client is obliged to pay all the fees and charges accrued prior to the period when the cancellation becomes effective; two, that the company may, but is not obligated to pay or refund the client for all the pre-paid fees for the basic hosting services for the full months remaining after the cancellation was effected and three, that the client is obliged to pay fully for all the other services, other than the basic hosting fee, for each month of the remaining term.
The cancellation will usually become effective 30 days after the proper notice of cancellation, the official Cancellation Request form, shall have been received by the company.

What is meant by InMotion’s 90-day Money Back guarantee?

InMotion’s 90-day Money Back guarantee is the guarantee for a full refund of all the fees that is paid by the client in connection with the hosting service before the 90 days after the Initial Term started has lapsed. However, the term “full refund” does not necessarily mean it shall include fees paid that are not connected with the basic hosting service and is deemed Non-Refundable. These services are, but not limited to:

  •  Free Domain Names:
  •  If the client has registered any domain name under the “Free Domain Name” promotion during the registration process, the refund shall be deducted an amount of $11.99 per year plus a $5 administrative fee. The client, however, gets to retain ownership and control of his domain name.
  •  Clients who purchased a Dedicated IP address, shall be refunded at a prorated rate, which means that the amount to be refunded shall be based on the period lapsed between the registration date and the date of cancellation and terms of service.
  •  Other non-refundable fees such as the amount paid for the SSL Services and Domain Privacy.

What should happen if I cancel my InMotion account after the 90 day period has lapsed?

If the cancellation is to take place after the 90-day period has elapsed, clients will be refunded, subject to the following conditions:

  •  The client will receive a pro-rated refund for the fees paid in connection with the hosting service, subject to $11.99 deduction per domain name if the client has registered a domain name under the “Free Domain Name” promo.
  •  The client shall not be refunded the fees paid for the non-refundable fees;
  •  The client shall not be refunded the setup fees, which automatically becomes non-refundable after 90 calendar days.

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