Does InMotion Offer Website Templates?

Included in each InMotion hosting package are two free yet powerful website builders that can be used by clients to create and build their websites. These website builders, namely the Premium Web Builder and the PowerWebBuilder, are applications that are packed with features that are vital and useful in the task of building your website. Among the features of these website builders is a gallery of hundreds of free website templates that are ready to be used by the client anytime it is needed.
But before you can use any of their free templates for your website, first and foremost, you need to install a Website Builder.

How can I install the Premium Web Builder in my website?

All InMotion hosting packages are bundled with a free Premium Web Builder application; however, the software does not come pre-installed with the package. This means that before you can use it, you need to install it in your website through the Account Management Panel of AMP.
To install your Premium Web Builder, all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps.

  •  The first step is to log into your Account Management Panel (AMP);
  •  Once logged-in, click on the “Install Popular Software” link;
  •  On the succeeding page, scroll down and then select the “Install Premium Web Builder” by clicking on it;
  •  Then, click on the “Request Website Builder” tab and then enter the name of the domain where you want to install the Premium Web Builder and then click “Next”;
  •  If you are installing your first Premium Web Builder account, you need to check and confirm the information before you click the “Submit” button. However, if you are installing an additional web builder account, you need to pay the amount of $12 per domain per year for the additional license.
  •  Clicking the “Submit” button jumpstarts the installation process and you should have your Premium Web Builder installed on your domain in a matter of seconds. Wait for the installation confirmation message and then, as soon as received, you may use the page to login to the Premium Website Builder by clicking the login link and start building your very own website.

Can I choose just any template for all the websites I am creating?

As the owner of the website with a Web Builder installed, either the Premium Web Builder or the PowerWebBuilder, you are entitled to choose and to use any of the more than 500 free templates that can be found in the Web Builder’s gallery. However, it is important to remember that you need to choose the proper template that fits well and suite the type of website you are building and the services and products that your website offers.

What guideline should I need to follow in choosing website templates?

Though choosing website templates is a matter of your own taste and mood, it is always helpful for your website to have a template that suits well with the type, service and product of your website as well as the taste of your future website visitors.

The first guideline in choosing your preferred template should be the type of site you are creating. Typically, your web builder application helps you with this task. Once you start the building process by clicking the Start button, you will be given the option to choose which type of site you want to build, whether it is a regular website, a photo gallery or a blog. Once the choice is picked, the Builder will use the information and recommends several pages with features and functional presets that you may want for your site. If you are not sure or do not like the options presented, you may simply choose one and then change it at a later time. After making the preferred selection, click the Next button which can be found on the bottom right side of the page.
To choose a template, you need to go to the Design page by clicking on the Design button located at the top right toolbar. On the Design page, you shall find a number of templates which are customizable. Actually, there are three different ways of searching templates:

  •  One is through the By Category Type, where you can choose templates that match the category that can be found in the drop down menu;
  •  Second is through Search method, where you search templates using keywords for certain types of templates; and
  •  By manually browsing through the templates per page, which may consume time but can be more efficient.
  • Once you are able to choose your preferred template, simply select it by clicking on it.

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