Common InMotion Complaints

A number of webhost providers are not able to please all of the website owners due to the differences in requirements or expectations. This is seen in the number of website owners that tend to regularly change their website providers.

Unfortunately, some webhost providers will provide a false customer complaint in their competitor website in order to acquire their potential or existing client. However, some of the customer complaints can be true especially if the website provider and the website owner is not a good fit.

Some of the most common complaints are:

  •  No response by the customer support team
  •  Refusal of website account
  •  Disconnecting issues with customer support team

However, when potential website owners are looking at the website hosting issues, InMotion is considered to have only a few unsatisfied customers. The reason for this is that InMotion is considered to be a very reliable webhost provider in spite of a limited number of negative feedback. When the number of negative feedback is compared to the total pages hosted by InMotion, it was revealed that the negative feedback is considered to be a negligible percentage.

Reasons for Using InMotion

InMotion is considered to be one of the oldest web hosting company globally and due to its age is perceived to be experienced in terms of website handling and maintenance. The fact is the webhost provider is revealed to be currently the best ecommerce host providers and was already awarded a 3 Star Certified Service Provider Award given by CNET. Currently InMotion is one of the better-rated “Better Business Bureau” members since 2002 due to the efficient and friendly customer support team. The customer support team are patient enough to cater to the needs of a new business website owner by walking them through step by step.
InMotion has also received various awards from reputable webhost analysts and includes:

  •  Best Business Host developed by Web Hosting Geeks
  •  Top Business Host created by Top 10 Web Hosting
  •  Best Business Hosting done by Web Hosting Search

Customer Support Comparisons

InMotion’s customer support team is dedicated to improving the understanding and skill of its website owners with regards to developing, creating, and maintaining their websites. The customer support team efficiently replies to emails, answers the phones, responds to chat requests, and provide quality hosting to new and existing website owners. This results in a low number of negative feedback when compared to the positive feedback.

InMotion Benefits

InMotion does not oversell itself beyond what it is currently capable of. Some of the features included in competitor webhost companies are that the numbers of add-on domains are unlimited. InMotion does not promise this since it is considered to negatively affect the current website included in the account. Too many domains included in a single account will result in a slower performance and affect the visitor experience.

InMotion offers multiple hosting services that can expand with the online business of the website owner. This means that the business owner does not have to go to another webhost provider for additional requirements. The website owner can initially purchase a shared webhost account if on a limited budget and later expand to a better hosting service as the popularity of their website increases. The beauty of this package upgrades is that the direction of the website is primarily controlled by the website owner. If the website owner plans to remain small then the best option is still to make use of a shared server especially when the website is primarily developed as an individual website such as blogs. The website owner can then choose to upgrade to a dedicated or VPS hosting service in case the business have already expanded.

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