Can I Transfer My Site Away from InMotion?

If you want to transfer your InMotion hosted website to another web hosting provider but is in doubt whether the transfer is possible, the answer to your question is yes. Yes, you can definitely transfer you website that is now presently hosted at InMotion to another web host.
However, though the transfer is very possible, it should be made clear, whether it is transfer that you want or simply cancellation of your subscription with InMotion hosting. Although no hosting provider would love the idea of their clients transferring to another hosting provider, almost all hosting providers will give you the freedom to transfer away from their hosting service and even assist you where they can. As to the question of whether you can cancel your present and active subscription, it is important to note that any client who wishes to cancel his subscription may do so anytime he wishes by just informing customer service about it. In fact, hosting companies even reimburse their clients subject to their signed agreement and according to the length of time the website is hosted.
It is also important to understand that your domain registration/management is not the same and is separate from your hosting service and transferring the domain management rights will not in any way affect your hosting account which shall remain active. The only way to deactivate the hosting account will be through cancellation.

What shall I do in order to transfer my site away from InMotion Hosting?

To start the cancellation process or to begin the process of transferring your domain away from InMotion hosting, company policy requires that you submit a request that your domain be released. The request should come in the form of an email and should be sent to The same request should come with your account verification as well as your Administrator Email. The letter-request will jumpstart the domain registration process as these are needed by the company to unlock your domain for you. However, before anything else, it is important that you have to remove the domain privacy from your domain to affect the unlocking process.

As soon as the domain is released and you have already obtained the authorization code, which you shall receive through your Administrator Email, you can proceed to your new domain registrar and start the domain transfer process.
Typically, it shall take between 7-10 days for the transfer to complete, though the time of completion varies, depending upon the registrar. It is also important that you should know that whenever DNS changes are made or domains are transferred, a DNS propagation period lasting from about 7-24 hours is observed while the changer occur.

What steps do I need to follow before and during the transfer process?

Finding a new host for your website and transferring to a new web host could either be a good move forward for your website or a huge step backward. In order to ensure that you will not feel sorry and regret the move you just did, you need to make sure that what you are about to do is what your website needs. Here are a few basic recommendations that clients need to do before and during the transfer process. These are:

  •  First and before anything else, you need to select the most suitable web hosting provider by comparing them against your current provider. Considerations should include:
  •  The Operating System used; is it compatible with the requirements of your website;
  •  The Disk space requirements; and
  •  The Bandwidth;
  •  You should make a backup copy of all the files of your existing website by downloading all your old account files. You can use FTP Access or export it using phpMyAdmin, depending on which works. As a rule than an exception, look for a host that offers FTP Access.
  •  Make sure that you can receive emails by properly checking whether your emails are still working and are active.
  •  It is highly recommended that you ensure that your website and domain email accounts are up and running during the transfer process by keeping your existing web hosting account open until the process is completed.
  •  Once everything is completed, do not forget to cancel your account with InMotion hosting.

What are the usual reasons why people move away from their hosting company?

There are as many reasons as there are as many individuals or companies why they want move away from their present web hosting company. It varies from the very simple to the most complex reasons. Among these reasons are the following:

  •  The client could be disappointed and dissatisfied with the service.
  •  The company may in need for more resources such as storage space and bandwidth as well the need for more applications, something which their previous host can provide.
  •  The client may have found it hard to sustain the amount of the monthly bills and may have found a better package at a better price somewhere.
  •  The client could be unhappy with the customer service.

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