Any InMotion Hosting Promotion/Discounts?

Many webhosting providers offer multiple discounts and promotions to entice potential website owners to purchase their webhosting packages. The most common discount given is a significant decrease in the monthly rates for the basic packages. However, the more expensive webhost packages remain at the same rate especially in the case of the VPS and Dedicated hosting services.

Package Promotions

There are some cases where the rates for business hosting packages offered by hosting providers are lowered. InMotion offers a promotional discount on their services occasionally:

  •  Business hosting
  •  VPS hosting
  •  Dedicated Servers
  •  Reseller Hosting

However, InMotion does not offer coupon codes through third-party websites.

Business Hosting

The business hosting packages offered by InMotion include the following:

  •  Launch
  •  Power
  •  Pro

There are significant differences between the packages offered. Launch is the most basic package offered in Business Hosting since it only includes 2 websites that can be managed in a single account, as well as 6 parked and 25 sub domains. There are only 2 MySQL databases that can be used by the website owner and 1,000 FTP accounts.

A better business hosting package is the Power package since 6 websites can be included in the account as well as 26 parked and 100 sub domains. The numbers of FTP accounts are doubled to 2,000 while the MySQL databases number to 50. When compared to the Launch package, the Power package is a more practical choice for the owner of a small to medium sized business.

However, a larger client base will means that the best choice will be the Pro package since there are an unlimited number of parked domains, sub domains, and FTP accounts offered to the website owner. A maximum number of 25 websites can be accommodated on the website owner’s account since 200 MySQL databases can be developed by the website owner.

InMotion: The Better Choice

The main reason for the increased popularity of InMotion as a webhost provider is that the hardware or technology used is considered to be better than its competitors. This is because InMotion makes use of Dell servers that have 4x Intel XEON processors so that the readability of the website information is enhanced. In order to ensure that the reliability of the website information is improved, InMotion makes sure that the Dell servers are all tested in the factory.

The hardware technology of InMotion is further improved by having a data center located at the East and West Coast. The reason behind this is that the West Coast data center caters to the website owners located at the west coast as well as other international website owners. This means that the travel time of the information is cut in half resulting to a faster webpage load as well as a better visitor experience. InMotion ensures that all types of content can be easily read by the website visitor by making use of PHP, MySQL, Python, and Perl.

Additional InMotion Features

New website owners can easily create their websites through intuitive administration software cPanel and Softaculous. The advantage of using Softaculous is that popular applications are easily installed in just a single click of a button, which already number at more than 280 applications. In case of software or hardware problems, InMotion offers a 24 hour a day and seven days a week customer support team through multiple channels:

  •  Toll-free phone
  •  Email
  •  Live chat

But for existing and new website owners, the best feature offered by InMotion is its 90-day full money back guarantee. This is considered to be a better offer when compared to other webhost providers that only offer a 45-day limited money back guarantee.

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