Can I Start A Blog on InMotion?

InMotion as a webhost provider offers numerous services that can be purchased by existing and new customers.
One of the most popular features for the blogging community is that it includes the use of blog enhancement software such as:

  •  WordPress
  •  Joomla
  •  Drupal

Popularity of WordPress

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform but was later redeveloped to include thousands of other plugins. The plugins are mainly downloaded for free so that the website operations are enhanced, which include the better and faster opening of image galleries. Another reason for the popularity of these WordPress plugins are that these enhance the content of the website since these are normally classified as Content Management System (CMS) applications.
Using WordPress can also improve the visitor experience especially if each blog page has different themes. The development of multiple website pages is easily done in WordPress since there are thousands of themes that can be readily downloaded for free. The reason for this is that multiple developers are able to make applicable plugins for WordPress since it is an open source application. This makes WordPress one of the most often used website applications in the world.
The application popularity is further enhanced by the fact that there are numerous tutorials that are available within the InMotion Hosting Support Center. Due to the high number of existing InMotion website owners, WordPress is now perceived to be a top solution for website development.

How to Make a New Post

The initial step of the website owner is to log on into the WordPress dashboard so that a new blog post will be typed. The next step is to click the “Posts” option and this is normally found at the left side of the menu bar. The result of clicking this option will reveal a list of posts that have already been published on the website.
The “Add New” button is clicked in order to add new posts using the Editor screen. This screen is perceived to be user friendly since it mimics the look of a word processor and includes familiar text enhancement options such as:

  •  Highlight
  •  Underline
  •  Bold

After a new post is typed, the “Publish” button must be clicked so that the typed post is made live on the website.

Why Joomla?

Even though WordPress is a popular CMS application, there are some website developers that prefer to make use of Joomla. The reason for the application popularity is that its developers take into consideration the feedback of not only users but also other developers. This feedback inclusion makes Joomla a better alternative especially since it can be used to target the limitations of other applications. The main problem for most website owners and developers is that Joomla is perceived to have a higher learning curve since enhancements in the following do not follow other CMS applications:

  •  Features
  •  Components

Drupal: The Oldest CMS Application

Of the three CMS applications, traditional website developers prefer to make use of Drupal. The reason for this is that Drupal was established in 2001 and was used to build government websites such as The additional benefit for making use of Drupal is that it is built upon MySQL and PHP since it is also another open source application. The value of Drupal for traditional and newer website developers is that it is flexible enough to create a small website such as a personal blogs to a large multinational corporation that have millions in users. The additional value of Drupal is that it is not only search engine friendly but also developer friendly so that Drupal developers can create custom modules as well as solutions.

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