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InMotion offers the use of numerous web builders in the development of new and existing personal and business websites. The reason for this is that web builders are considered to be the easiest and fastest way to make a website go online. This is done by choosing a website theme from the numerous theme templates, adding the website content, and then publishing the website.
The offered themes in InMotion number at more than 500, which include the following:

  •  Industry specific themes
  •  Header graphics
  •  Logos
  •  Custom color schemes

But these website theme choices will not be complete without relevant website content. Developing the website content is further enhanced with the use of four content management system applications in InMotion, which are:

  •  WordPress
  •  Joomla
  •  Drupal
  •  B2Evolution

Each of the four alternatives above is considered to be a stand-alone application, which means that the website owner can make use of just one to develop and manage their website content.


This is perceived to be the most popular CMS since it complies with the W3C standard. The benefit of the W3C compliance is that in case the website visitor changed their computer browser in the future, the website content will still be easily read. This is due to the fact that the latest version of PHP and MySQL is used. An additional benefit of making WordPress developed content is that the webpage is easily loaded resulting in an enhanced visitor experience.
Using WordPress for managing website content is easily done even by new website owners since it has a one-click installation option using Softaculous. WordPress is still a practical choice by advanced and professional website developers since it can be further customized to fit the requirements of the website owner. WordPress is available in almost all of the webhost providers resulting in minimal problems when transferring the website from one webhost to another.


Website managers of international or multinational companies prefer to make use of the Joomla application since the help system is already built-in. Another reason for this preference is that Joomla includes a language manager, which means that the website content can be changed to any language of choice by the website visitor. This feature enhances business transactions especially when the purpose of the website is to sell goods or services.
Bloggers also prefer to make use of Joomla especially since banner management is included in its features. The purpose of the banner management feature is that it allows the website owner to acquire additional income from web advertising. This is done by tracking the number of click activity per banner ad within the website using the specially inserted URL’s.


The features of using Drupal are considered to be greater than that of WordPress since it includes an advanced search mechanism. This feature enhances the search engine ranking of a business website especially if the products offered are generic in nature. This is further improved by the fact that Drupal analyses the visitor analytics especially if the activity statistics of the website are implemented by the website owner.
Advanced website developers prefer the use of Drupal when compared to other CMS applications since they can create multi-level menus for the website. The popular feature of WordPress is also included in the Drupal programming such as that website themes or color schemes are easily changed.


B2evolution is another free CMS application but its main strength is that it primarily focuses on photo and file management. This means that website owners that primarily have image galleries in their websites may make use of this application such as photography sites or photo uploading websites.

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