How to Process Credit Card Payments on InMotion

Can I use my credit card to pay InMotion Hosting?

All hosting companies accept major credit card payments for all their services. This comes as a standard hosting protocol which is designed to make the process of paying their bills and other services a lot more convenient and faster, both for the client and the company. Another plus factor of being able to use a credit card is that you do not need to carry cash with you when you make your purchase and that you can make your purchases or payments without any cash, anytime and anywhere in the world.

InMotion is among the companies that support credit card payments. So, the answer to the question is definitely yes. Inmotion accepts credit card payments for all their hosting services. What’s more is that InMotion is well recognized for its Ecommerce hosting solutions and its powerful and useful ecommerce tools which means that InMotion has the necessary tools that are needed to process and accept credit card payments.

How can I process my Credit Card Payment on InMotion?

Processing your credit card payments on InMotion hosting is a quite simple process. All you need to do is to use InMotion’s Account Management Panel or AMP. The AMP is basically a management panel and a launching pad rolled into one that can be used to access all the other tools that you need in relation to your InMotion hosting account. Among the major uses of the AMP is the management of the billing and domain management aspects of your account.
It is important to remember that your choice for the mode payment was already determined by you during the initial registration process with InMotion, during the time when you filled-in the details of the Billing Page. Processing your credit card payments actually began during the registration process as you were asked to provide your payment mode and its details.
So when the time comes for you to pay your bills using your credit card on InMotion hosting, all your need to do is to contact the billing department and they can start the process by sending you a payment request.

What I need to know about online Credit Card Processing?

When you make online purchases or online payments, it is important to remember that there are actually a number of individual components that you can use and that all you need to do is simply to check whether this is supported by the website. These are:

  •  You can use the Credit Card or Debit Card, one of the most widely used processes over the internet.
  •  You can use the Shopping Cart – Almost all hosting providers, especially InMotion, support or provide a number of shopping carts in their hosting packages. These carts collect the required order details along with your credit or debit card as a mode for payment.
  •  You can use the Payment Gateway – Payment gateways, such as PayPal and AcceptSafe, are also widely used in the internet.
  •  You can use the Internet Merchant Account – The Internet Merchant Account involves fund verification of your credit or debit card. Once fund availability is verified, transactions are then approved.
  •  The Checking Account- Approved transactions are placed in Checking Account which can be withdrawn anytime through Automate Teller Machines or ATM.

How can I update my Billing and Contact Information?

You can update your Billing and Contact Information through your Account Management Panel. Basically, it is recommended to keep the information updated as it is very vital for the provision of hassle free, uninterrupted service especially when it comes to account renewals and when the company needs to send vital notifications to their client. To update your Billing and Contact Information, you need to:

  •  First, you need to login to your AMP.
  •  Once logged in, navigate through the main screen and look for the Manage my Account section where you should find several icons. Look for the Contact Information icon and select it by clicking.
  •  Clicking the icon brings you to another page where you can see your current contact information. If you do find some information that is already irrelevant, edit the information by clicking on the Edit Contact Information button.
  •  The screen will then allow you to edit all the information that are found on the information fields that need to be edited. Edit and change any data you need to change and then click on the Save Changes button. This action should effectively update your Billing and Contact Information.

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