Does InMotion Put Ads On My Site?

What is the reason why web hosting providers put ads on their client’s websites?

Hosting companies who put advertisements on their client’s websites or who allows advertisements to be posted on their client’s websites are those that provide free hosting plans. By definition, free hosting plans are hosting packages that clients use to host their websites, free of charge. Free web hosting brings a lot of advantages for clients however, it also brings along with it a lot of disadvantages as being allowed to use the hosting package for free means that the user is subject to the conditions set by the service provider. Among these conditions are that the clients shall allow ads to be posted in their websites as well as that free hosting packages lack the powerful features and applications that are bundled together with paid hosting packages. You should remember that hosting packages are created and are offered for the purpose of earning revenues. The only way for free hosting packages to earn revenue is to encourage paid advertisements into their hosting package. This is the most common reason why pop-ups and inserts are found in most free hosted sites. The proceeds from these ads are used for the upkeep of the hosted site and to earn some revenue.

Does InMotion put ads on my website?

As a rule, InMotion never interferes nor changes nor tampers your website. The main reason for this is that since you are paying a monthly bill for your InMotion hosting services, InMotion will never place an advertisement on your site. While it is true that other web hosting providers may allow ads on their paid hosting packages, InMotion certainly does not. However, you may choose to run ads on your website but that is according to your own wishes, not the company’s. You have the option to put ads yourself or to allow other companies to place ads on your site, and that is certainly for a fee.

What do I get from my InMotion hosting account?

InMotion is among a number of hosting companies that offer hosting solutions that are packed with powerful features and applications as part of their standard bundle. It offers a wide range of services, each with a number of packages under them. The hosting services they offered ranges from shared hosting services to VPS and to Dedicated Hosting services. Though prices between each hosting solution and packages differ, they are all packed with almost identical features. Among the features that you will get when you host with InMotion are the following:

  •  Access Logs
  •  Auto Responders
  •  Backups
  •  CGI Access
  •  Control Panel
  •  cPanel
  •  Crontabs
  •  Custom Error Pages
  •  Custom MX Record
  •  Drupal
  •  Email Forwarding
  •  Email Support
  •  File Manager
  •  Daily Access Statistics
  •  Dreamweaver
  •  AWStats
  •  FrontPage Extensions
  •  Help Center Live
  •  IMAP Support
  •  Joomla
  •  Linux
  •  Live Chat Support
  •  Magento
  •  Money-Back Guarantee
  •  MySQL
  •  One Click Installs
  •  Online FAQs
  •  osCommerce
  •  Password Protected Directories
  •  Perl
  •  Phone Support
  •  PHP
  •  PHP 5
  •  phpCollab
  •  phpMyAdmin
  •  POP3 Support
  •  PrestaShop
  •  Python
  •  Server Side Includes
  •  SMTP
  •  Softaculous
  •  Spam Filter
  •  SpamAssassin
  •  Streaming Audio/Video
  •  Support Forum
  •  Uptime Guarantee
  •  WebCalendar
  •  Webmail
  •  Website Builder
  •  WHOIS Privacy
  •  Windows
  •  Windows Media
  •  WordPress

What advantages does InMotion hosting bring?

Each InMotion hosting account is packed with a number of powerful standard features, which compared to other hosting services, brings a lot of advantages to InMotion clients. These features are as follows:

  •  Unlimited Bandwidth/Data Transfer
  •  2 Addon Domains
  •  Unlimited Disk Space
  •  cPanel
  •  1,000 FTP Accounts
  •  1 Free Domain, extra domains cost $11.95/year
  •  Private Domain registration – $9/year
  •  Green / Eco Hosting
  •  Softaculous auto script installer
  •  Custom Cron Jobs
  •  Server Side Includes
  •  .htaccess Overrides
  •  Unlimited Email accounts
  •  Unlimited Email forwarders
  •  Unlimited Auto responder

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