How To Use SSL Security On InMotion Hosting

What is an SSL and how important is it?

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a technology that ensures a secure, encrypted connection between a host and a client, specifically between a web server and a web browser. The SSL makes sure that all the data that is passed between the connection remains safe from intrusion and remains private. This means that using SSL in your website, especially in your ecommerce site, ensures that all online transactions are protected and are safe. As a point of note, in case you are not aware of this, every time you visit a site that uses https:// in the address bar means that you are under the protection of the SSL security.
SSL is very important especially if you have an ecommerce website or an online store as it not only protects all your transactions between you and your client but more importantly establishes a bond of trust between you and your customers. Just knowing that your site is issued an SSL Certificate is often enough to provide would be customers with a mantle of security and draw them into your website.

How to purchase SSL for InMotion Hosting?

First and foremost, before you can start to use SSL in your InMotion hosting account, you need to purchase and install it into your account. You see, though InMotion hosting supports SSL Security, they offer it as an add-on service which means it does not come automatically with your hosting package nor does it come free with it. To be able to use SSL, you need to purchase one and have it installed on your website. Another thing which you need to know before purchasing SSL is that there are two available SSL Certificates; the Shared SSL Certificate and the Dedicated SSL Certificate.
Whichever you may choose to use on your website, you need to follow the succeeding steps to purchase SSL from the Account Management Panel (AMP):

  •  First, you need to log into your AMP and then click on the “Purchase SSL Certificate” icon.
  •  On the succeeding page, carefully select your desired SSL Certificate’s subscription length. You may also need to the Desired Certificate Name. Typically, the most common certificate names are secure. or www, followed by the domain name. As soon as you are done, click on the “Next” button.
  •  Then, be sure to enter the contact information for the owner of the SSL Certificate. It is important to note the Comodo will check the information you submitted against data from the WHOIS lookup and both must match, otherwise, you will need to change one of the two sets of information so that they will match with each other.
  •  Finally, after hitting the “Next” button, you will be asked to choose how you want your SSL billed. You need to complete the information required in the billing form and once done, click “Submit”.
  •  You shall soon receive a message stating that “Your order has been submitted for processing. Please look for a follow-up from our staff shortly.”

How can an encrypted connection be established?

In order to establish an encrypted connection between the client and your website, the following steps must be followed:

  •  You need to type in or select the secure URL. This should start with https://. Typing this URL signifies that you want secure connection.
  •  Next, the web server receives your request and immediately submits a reply that must be verified in order to attempt to establish a secured connection between the requesting party and the web server. This connection is called an “SSL Handshake”.
  •  After the SSL Certificate is verified through the SSL Handshake, secured connection is established which means that all the transferred between web server and web browser is encrypted and protected.

Does SSL work well on InMotion Hosting?

Definitely yes, SSL does work well on InMotion hosting. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the Ecommerce package offered by InMotion hosting is one of the most sought after by ecommerce websites. InMotion’s ecommerce solution is known for its wide range of ecommerce tools, including the SSL certificate which makes it one of the most secure ecommerce solutions in the market.

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    Wendy September 10, 2018 at 4:04 am

    I’m interested to know if Inmotions dedicated SSL cert changes your lock to green. it doesn’t really tell you much prior to purchasing. Thanks

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