Is InMotion Hosting A Green Company?

The InMotion hosting provider is considered by a high number of environment friendly websites to be a green company. This is because InMotion has increased their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint not only in their operations but also in their datacentre. This started during 2010 when InMotion started reducing and reusing paper in their offices resulting in a decrease in paper waste. InMotion also implemented changes in the hardware used in the datacentre and servers, which was not only faster and more efficient, but also more environment-friendly. Therefore, InMotion improved eco-friendly operations in three sections, which are:

  •  The offices
  •  Data center
  •  Servers

InMotion currently lowered their overall energy use by more than 65 percent and resulted in a yearly decrease of carbon-dioxide by around 2,000 tons. Currently, InMotion is also operating a green datacentre within Los Angeles, which complies with the core belief of reducing than offsetting energy consumption.
Green Data Center in Los Angeles
The highest cost or carbon footprint of a webhost provider is primarily seen in the datacentre. This includes:

  •  Cooling of servers / data center
  •  Air conditioning of servers / data center

This is normally done by using air conditioners to cool and recirculate the hot air generated by the servers.
The high energy costs was mitigated by the company by using advanced air cooling technology, which resulted in a decrease in costs by almost 70 percent. The cooling process used by InMotion is done by venting out the hot air from the entire building while cool air is brought in. In case the regular cooling process is not enough to battle the high humidity or outside temperature, then air conditioning is also used. The result of the cooling process reduced the energy consumption of the company’s data center.

Partnership with Trees for the Future

InMotion also made use of other alternative environmental friendly choices such as the partnership with Trees for the Future. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to have a sustainable agroforestry by increasing the number of trees planted. InMotion pledged to plant a total of 5,000 trees not only in their immediate operations but throughout the developing world. This means that InMotion pledged not only to replace and renew the existing resources but also to reduce the consumption of valuable resources.

InMotion a Green Webhost Provider

With the goal of improving the carbon footprint of the company, InMotion has increasingly been considered as a reputable and popular hosting company. This is because InMotion offers three different server hosting services, which includes:

  •  Shared hosting
  •  VPS hosting
  •  Dedicated server hosting

InMotion also offers various services such as custom web designs for business and personal websites. Unfortunately, when compared to other webhost providers the company only allows a maximum of 25 websites to a single InMotion account. This limitation is beneficial to the green operations of the company since it will not need to make use of additional RAM to read numerous websites. However, the maximum number of websites is not normally reached by a majority of the InMotion website owners.
The benefit of purchasing a webhost package from InMotion is that the data center makes use of a single operating system, which is an enterprise version of a Linux system. The benefit of the Linux system is that the hosting platform is faster when compared to other webhost providers as well as being more stable. The additional benefit of purchasing an InMotion package is that the webhost company is able to accommodate the needs of a growing business website. This is seen in the minimal disruption when changing between shared hosting to business hosting, dedicated hosting, or VPS hosting.

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