InMotion FTP Guide

What is FTP?

FTP is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol, in the IT language, is a set of rules and instructions that computers use and follow when they communicate. As such, FTP is a set of rules that is followed and used by computers to transfer files within a network. The FTP can be used within a network, as in an internet, to exchange files between computer accounts, to transfer files between a desktop computer and an account and to access online store archives. The FTP is widely used by hosting providers as part of their File Management tools as it allows clients to manage server files remotely and to upload, download, create and even delete files and directories remotely.

FTP is among the best and easiest ways of transferring files to the server as it allows users to drag all the files at once to the folder on the server instead of uploading one file at a time.
For InMotion Hosting, the clients default FTP username and password are virtually the same as the credentials that they used to log into their cPanel account.

How can I create an FTP account?

Though InMotion supports the use of FTP in their hosting services, it does not come pre-installed with their hosting packages. As such, you need to create an FTP account first before you can enjoy its benefits. To create an FTP account, you need to follow these few simple steps:

  •  First, you need to log into your cPanel;
  •  In the cPanel, go to the Files section and click the “FTP Accounts” icon;
  •  You will then be brought to the FTP Account section, where you need to fill in the required fields. What you need to provide are:


Enter the username that you want to use, which will then be combined with your primary domain name to create the full username.


You will be required to enter a password. You need to do this process twice as it is a safety measure that you have indeed entered the correct password.

 Password Strength

This field intends to tell you how strong or weak your password is. It ranges from the “Very Strong” to the “Very Weak”.


 FTP accounts are limited to the directory you set here. In order to give others full access to your file system, all you need to do is to enter a forward slash (/). To restrict or limit access to your files, you need to enter “public_html” into the name of your FTP account.


 The quota is the amount of space the FTP user can use. To have an unlimited amount of space, set the quota into “Unlimited”.

  •  After everything has been entered, you need to click the “Create FTP Account” button. Wait for a few moments until you see the message, “Account Created” before starting to use it.

How can I upload my files using FTP?

Often, you may find the need to upload files into your InMotion Hosting account. To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

  •  First, you need to log into your Account Management Panel (AMP) account and access your account’s Technical Details.
  •  Keep careful note of the information as it will be needed in the FTP Information. These information includes:
  •  The FTP Username;
  •  The FTP Password; and
  •  The FTP Hostname.

 With the use of Filezilla

A free file management tool that is used for FTP access to your server- and the necessary FTP information, connect to your InMotion account;

  •  Once connected, upload the files to your document root, which is typically public_html, on your InMotion hosting server.

Is FTP a necessity for my InMotion account?

You will never know when you will find the need to upload, download, create or delete files and directories in your hosting account. In fact, all webmasters may find it necessary to upload or download files time and time again. As such, you need a tool to efficiently do and complete the necessary task of uploading or downloading. This is where the FTP comes in handy and this is the reason why InMotion made it a point to include FTP into each of their hosting solutions.

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