A Detailed Review Of Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme

Travel and tourism has become the fastest growing global sector this 2016. It represents roughly 3.1% of global GDP and has grown larger than the automotive and chemical manufacturing sectors. Hotels and other travel-related businesses are expanding their reach by building their own websites, allowing them to provide services to a global audience. Business owners take advantage of this opportunity as it’s more convenient, more cost-efficient, and more effective than advertising through print ads. If you’re planning to expand your hotel or travel business online, it only makes sense to build your own website, too!

WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform to build a blog or website of any type and size. Not only does it have a huge collection of plugins to enhance a site’s functionality, a lot of developers continue to create WordPress themes for just about any kind of website. If you need to build a hotel or accommodation website with WordPress, a premium theme will allow you to easily create a professional-looking site. One such theme that’s making quite a buzz in the ThemeForest marketplace is the Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme.

Nice Hotel is a premium WordPress theme that’s designed purposely for hotel and accommodation sites. It includes specific accommodation features like an online booking / reservation system, custom page layouts for showcasing rooms, image galleries, and other elements required in a hotel website.

In this detailed review of Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme, we’re going to find out whether or not it really is the perfect theme for booking type websites. As with any site, you should still ensure some additional optimizations are done to maximize the speed of your site for users.


Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme is a premium theme that’s made for hotels, resorts, spas, service-based luxury business, and any other type of service that requires a reservation or booking type system. It’s another masterpiece by ThemeForest Elite Author, QuiteNiceStuff, which made a name for itself by developing and designing top-quality premium WordPress themes and HTML templates.


Nice Hotel comes with plenty of unique features that hotels and other service-type business may find handy. There one for managing services and accommodations, an events manager, a testimonials section, and even a reservation system. Other noteworthy features include a blog section, a fully working contact form, Google Map integration, a set of custom shortcodes, beautiful social media icons, and many more.


The Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme includes a bunch of easy-to-use theme options that allow you to configure your site with minimum time and effort. It has an advanced theme panel that’s completely unbranded, letting you easily add your company name and logo to it. It also has a responsive design so it works perfectly on all devices and screen sizes like iPhones and iPads. It has a simple and modern layout that makes it functional and easy to use for websites that require lots of content (or even those with only a little amount of content).

Nice2Unlike other premium hotel WordPress themes, Nice Hotel is quite the unique one since it strays away from all the usual modern, flat designs common in themes these days. Instead, it sticks with what we know best when logging onto the Internet. What’s great about it is that it manages to look so attractive despite not adapting to some of the more trendy aesthetics. Nice Hotel has a fixed width, along with an elegant spot at the top of the page where you can place your company logo. You can even find the social media buttons at the top of the page as well, while the Book Now button is placed right where your guests and visitors are going to see it first. All of your contact details is provided for visitors to see right away, which remains at the top of the page even when visitors access your site on their mobile devices. Meanwhile, the slider serves as the perfect spot for displaying photos of the hotel rooms (or any other services you offer), including an overlaying module for visitors to punch in when they like to stay at your hotel.

Nice3Nice Hotel also features an accommodation management area on the backend which allows you to add and remove certain rooms, images, and descriptions. The booking system, on the other hand, sends requests directly to your inbox. This makes things more convenient for you since your guests no longer have to call you on the phone, letting you spend more of your time on other aspects of your business.

The theme is translation ready, which means guests from other countries can understand your site’s content in their native language. This is very important for service-type businesses, considering you’re bound to have people come to your business from all parts of the globe. Apart from this, you can choose from 4 different skins, and add an events management area where you can showcasing the big events that occur on your grounds. There’s also a testimonials section, contact pages, photo gallery, and a blog section. With these, Nice Hotel is just what you need for a successful Web presence!


Key Features

So what makes the Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme stand out from the competition? Here are the key features you should look forward to in this amazing theme:

  • Easy-to-use options panel. You can tweak the theme settings and create a unique look and feel for your site.
  • Custom page templates. Create stunning pages with the pre-made templates, complete with special layouts and functionality.
  • Accommodation management. This allows you to add descriptions and images of available rooms and other services you may offer.
  • Booking wizard. Here, guests can reserve a room/service which will be sent straight to your inbox.
  • Fully working Contact Us page. The easy to configure contact page lets your customers get in touch with you the fast and most convenient way. It also comes integrated with Google Map so guests can easily locate your business.
  • Social media sharing. Users can click the social media icons so they can share your content with friends.
  • 4 pre-designed skins. Nice Hotel comes with 4 skins, as well as the option to create your own using the color picker.
  • Lightbox. By clicking an image, it will appear at a larger size over a dark background.
  • Drop-down menus. Part of the theme’s navigation are the drop-down menus and sub-menus.
  • Events management. Here, you can add all your latest and biggest events using the in-built events manager.
  • Testimonials management. Let other people know how happy your customers are with your service! Select the testimonials you like most and automatically add them to your site’s homepage.
  • Custom widgets. The custom widgets provide specific functionality for your website.
  • Custom shortcodes. Add special elements to your posts and pages.
  • Layered graphics files. Ideal for those who want total control over the theme’s design.
  • Translation ready. Nice Hotel is compatible and has been fully tested with the latest version of WPML.
  • Compatible with mobile devices. This theme is responsive and can be used on various mobile devices like iPhone and iPad.

Other notable features include:

  • Fixed width
  • Top menu
  • 2 columns
  • Google Map integration
  • BuddyPress integration
  • YouTube and Vimeo integration
  • Skype, LinkedIn, and Gravatar integration
  • Blog section
  • Localization
  • Auto image resizing
  • Mapping
  • Threaded comments
  • Custom post types

QuiteNiceStuff also provides top-quality support, which comes as a standard feature in all of their products. They usually respond within 24 hours during business days. All your needs are pretty much covered with this theme!

Pros and Cons

Nice5Premium themes have become a vital part of professional WordPress-based websites aimed at travel and tourism. However, with lots of premium theme authors and shops out it, it can be tricky for you to consider a product’s potential disadvantages. Hopefully, the following pros and cons will help if you’re considering choosing the Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme:

  • Premium themes like Nice Hotel come with official support, usually via forum, phone, email, etc. Premium theme users usually get prompt response from the theme author, as well as help to fix bugs or any security issue.
  • The quality of premium WordPress themes, whose aim is to generate income, is much higher compared to free themes. For premium theme authors and shops, high quality creates positive feedback where their themes continue to get better as more users come to use them.
  • Nice Hotel comes with advanced functionality like a built-in theme options panel that make customization and site configuration much easier, advanced plugins, booking/reservation system, and many more.
  • The design of premium WordPress themes is usually much better in almost every aspect, from page layouts, down to widgets and backend admin menus. A hotel or accommodation theme with a clean and attractive design goes a long way towards promoting your brand and attracting more guests and prospects.
  • Security is a top priority for premium themes like Nice Hotel. In order to get a foothold in the competitive market, premium theme authors will have to invest in meeting the high security standards of users.
  • With premium WordPress themes, the update cycle is tighter compared to their free counterparts. This affects not only the theme’s compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, but with many other important things that need to be addressed, like bug and security issues. There are lots of issues that may arise from an outdated WordPress theme so the only way to avoid them is frequent updates, which premium theme authors tend to be good at.
  • The price for that beautiful and feature-rich premium WordPress theme may exceed your budget and yet still require further fees for the license. If you’re running a small website with a limit budget or simply as a hobby, it might not actually earn enough money to offset the cost of the theme. A theme that requires you to pay licensing fees annually could seriously burn your wallet!
  • Presently, there’s still no official review process for paid WordPress themes, unlike free themes that undergo WordPress’ standard review process. This means that premium theme developers can easily ignore WordPress development best practices in certain aspects. This may cause minor issues or may cost a lot more.
  • Premium WordPress themes tend to suffer from “bloat”. This is usually a trade-off for more features and better functionality. Some users, however, may find some of these features unnecessary, and may even slow down a website’s speed.
  • Once a paid theme is taken down from the marketplace or the author stops selling it, you will no longer receive support and updates. When this happens, you’ll have to transition to another theme (which may be time-consuming), and you will have lost the money you’ve invested.

There’s really no clear-cut answer as to whether or not a premium WordPress theme is better than a free one. It’s ultimately your decision to pick a premium theme, and this depends on the needs of your website, as well as your budget. So before purchasing Nice Hotel (or any other theme for that matter), make sure to weigh in the pros and cons and check out customer testimonials to find out what they’re saying about this theme.

Final Verdict – A Beautifully Designed Theme With a Nice Booking System

The Nice Hotel – WordPress Theme is one of the top rated, best-selling hotel WordPress themes in ThemeForest – and for many good reasons! Not only is it affordable and reliable, it’s beautifully designed and comes with all the necessary features for you to build a professional and fully functional hotel, resort, spa, or any other type of website that requires a working booking system. It doesn’t come with the “fluff” – just the right amount of tools and options that you’ll surely use, and ones that won’t drag your website speed to the ditch. So if you’re looking for the perfect theme for booking type websites, make sure to check out Nice Hotel. You surely won’t regret it!

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