Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme In-Depth Review

As you know, WordPress is easily one – if not the best – publishing platform and content management system (CMS) to easily build any type of website, no matter the level of technical knowledge and skill a user has. With WordPress, you have full liberty to create and manage your site even without third-party support. If you’re looking to build a travel blog or a site for a hotel or tour agency, WordPress is the ideal platform for it, especially if you’re looking to have a powerful online business presence.

Everyone loves to travel, which is why lots of people are looking for new travel destinations online. Travel agencies or anyone with a tour-related business should take advantage of this by having their own website. WordPress themes allow you to build a fully functional and beautiful website at any budget and without much effort. The best tour/travel WordPress themes come packed with tons of features that bring out all the good qualities and help scale your business to a new height. Not only will it be able to help you create a beautiful travel site, it can also help you connect with your customers and prospects easily. One such theme that’s trusted by thousands of site owners and developers is the Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look into Trek, which is what many people consider as a travel agency theme must-have. Is it because of the design? Could it be the features and options that come with the package? What are the possible pros and cons of purchasing this theme? All of these will be answered in this Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme in-depth review.

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Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme is one of the best-selling and top-rated WordPress themes on ThemeForest, under the Travel category. It’s created by Elite Author, PixelGrapes, a web development and design agency that’s known for providing users with quality and affordable premium eCommerce-related products.

Trek1Trek is built on the powerful Twitter Bootstrap framework, with a fully responsive design that’s ideal for book travel and tours. It also gas a blog where you can display various sight-seeing and travel locations. Unique to this theme is a gallery display page and a FAQ section where clients and site visitors can find more information about your services, as well as payments, and special offers that you may have. Trek also has tons of custom shortcodes and widgets that you can use and integrate into your site so you can provide a smooth experience to your customers. The theme is tailored for travel and tour companies that want to present their business online in a superb way. But with a few tweaks here and there, you can use this theme for any type of website or blog, be it a personal blog, online portfolio, corporate site, etc.


Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme has a clean, minimalistic, and modern design that focus on the most important aspect of your site: content. It makes great use of white space, and sports a big slideshow at the homepage where you can display your best services and featured travel destinations. Besides the default layout, there are plenty more pre-built homepage structures that you can use out of the box, saving you huge amounts of time customizing the theme, especially if the default structure isn’t enough to support your business.

Trek3If any of the pre-built page layouts don’t suit your needs, Trek also gives you the ability to customize your own page via the theme admin panel. You can customize anything, from the color scheme down to the fonts. It even features a live customization preview panel where you can see the changes you’ve made to the theme, in real time.

Trek also lets you add a blog section to your site, where you can choose from two different layouts: Classic and Grid. The theme also has a unique gallery display page for showcasing images of popular travel/tour destinations, as well as a FAQ section and Contact Us page. Other pages unique to this theme include a Site Map and a Tours page. PixelGrapes also made it a point to add custom shortcodes to further expand your site’s functionality, including one for Testimonials, Icons, Recent Posts, Buttons and Feeds, Tabs and Accordions, Columns, and Notifications.

Trek4Trek is 100% responsive which means it’s viewable on most Internet and mobile devices, from PCs to smartphones. It also lets you display video background on your site, giving it a better visual appeal.

Key Features

By now, you’ll have considered the Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme as your top choice for your website. There are lots of reasons to love this theme. Check out its full list of features below:

  • Fully responsive. Trek is built on the rock-solid Twitter Bootstrap framework, with an adaptive design that makes it work seamlessly on any device.
  • Theme customizer with live preview. This theme takes your WordPress experience up a notch by adding a live customization preview panel that allows you to give the theme a look that’s completely unique to your business or brand.


  • Unlimited colors. Select any highlight from the theme customizer and make Trek look the way you want it to be.
  • Over 600 Google Web Fonts. Choose from hundreds of beautiful font options.
  • Unlimited sidebars. The theme includes dynamic sidebars that allow you to create a new sidebar for any post or page for maximum flexibility.
  • Shortcodes. Trek is packed with easy-to-use shortcodes that you can use out of the box to expand the theme’s functionality and to provide a smooth experience to your customers.
  • Tour page. A custom tour page is included in the theme for showcasing your tour packages and other special offers.
  • Translation ready. Trek includes .mo and .po language files so your site can be translated to many different languages, allowing you to cater to a global audience.
  • Accept payment. Trek is integrated with the PayPal payment option so you can easily and securely collect payments or deposits. The theme supports 11 different currencies.
  • A+ support. Support is never far away as PixelGrapes provides prompt and professional assistance to theme users. What’s more, the theme is backed by a large community of fellow users and developers who will be more than happy to address any issue you might encounter while using the theme.
Pros and Cons

Despite the fact that there’s a huge number of free WordPress themes available for you to try, premium themes like the Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme is increasingly becoming popular. If you’re wondering why some people would pay for a theme when there’s so much available for free, consider the following pros and cons of choosing a premium WordPress theme:

  • Trek comes with advanced functionality, like an easy-to-use admin panel to make customizations and general site configuration.
  • Premium themes come with continued support and frequent updates. This is essential for any theme since WordPress is updated so frequently that some featured on themes may stop working unless it’s updated. Free themes still get updated at times but without the pressing issue of paid users waiting on them, updates take a lot longer. Worse still, some theme authors just lose interest or simply don’t have the time to work on a free theme anymore.
  • Premium themes like Trek usually have much higher quality than their free counterparts, simply because the author generates funds to make it better for the users. This creates a positive feedback loop where the theme continues to get better as more and more people use it.
  • Trek comes with user-friendly features, tools, and options that allow the user to customize a number of elements on the theme. While a free theme usually comes with color options and layouts, premium themes have an even wider range of customization options to choose from, like the ability to customize the font and color scheme, adding extra sidebars, change the navigation menu, etc.
  • Premium themes, of course, are going to cost you and there’s no getting around it. A premium theme typically costs anywhere between $30 and $300, especially those with a developer’s license.
  • With best-selling themes like Trek, there’s a chance that your site will look like everyone else’s. This is less of an issue if you pick a theme with more flexible customization options.
  • More features doesn’t necessarily mean a theme is better than the other. After all, more features can mean there’s more to learn. Although most theme authors these days try to make their products as beginner-friendly as possible, this isn’t always possible once you consider the capabilities of the theme.

As you can see, there’s no clear answer whether or not you should go for a premium WordPress theme. Sure, they can be pricey, but they can also be seen as a worthy investment that will eventually pay for itself. At the end of the day, only you can decide whether a paid theme is worth it for your tour/travel business, based on the benefits of owning the theme and the features that come with it. So make sure to weigh down all your website needs, and have a creative vision for how you’d like it to work. If you encounter an issue with Trek or with any other WordPress theme you’re using, there’s extensive documentation and tutorials to guide you, as well as community support to get you through just about any problem you may encounter.

Final Verdict – The Perfect Theme for All Types of Travel/Tour Websites

Without a doubt, the Trek – Responsive WordPress Tour/Travel Theme is one of the best choices for building a website or blog for tour operator businesses and charter services. It’s a carefully crafted, user-friendly, and feature-packed premium theme that makes it easy for anyone to build a website, whether or not they have knowledge and skills in web development and design. Anyone who’s serious about growing their tour/travel business online should consider purchasing this theme. With a price of just $49, it’s a pretty cheap and reliable solution that will help you create the next big thing in the travel industry.

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