Tips For Running vBulletin Forums On iPage

What You Can Do In a Forum

An online forum or community is one of the very first social networking hubs available on the Web. In an online forum, people can discuss anything and everything under the sun. You can respond and share your knowledge and opinions with other forum-goers, and build a virtual community.

People can also seek help or advice by going to online forums. They can also advertise the products/services that they want to sell, as well as post any job opportunities. Forums can serve as a medium for your online marketing strategy, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

Here are more perks and benefits of participating in online forums:

  • You can express yourself about a certain subject, and view other people’s perspective as well.
  • You can form camaraderie among the registered members of the forums.
  • It helps to increase the traffic of a website.
  • It can enhance the people’s writing skills.

All About vBulletin

vBulletinIf you’re planning to create a decent-looking online forum on your website, then you need a web application that will help you set it up. One such program that you can use is vBulletin.

vBulletin is one of the leading forum and community publishing software for creating vibrant online communities on a stable, secure, and mature platform. The software was developer with powerful administration features and speed in mind, serving more than 40,000 online forums and communities.

vBulletin is written in PHP and uses MySQL databases. It facilitates content creation, discovery of more engaging content, and offers simple and easy website management for its users.

Some of the core features of this software are the following:

  • Allows you to create a comprehensive home page.
  • An RSS feed that updates people about the latest posts.
  • Allows users to create polls for any thread.


  • Users would be able to use avatars and personalized signatures.


  • It also has an email notification that lets the user be informed about new posts or reply to their posts.


  • Ability to turn off unwanted features.
  • Dynamic tools and customizable content modules to facilitate quick and easy content discovery.

Content Discovery

  • Expanded photo and video capabilities.
  • Integrated mobile-optimized version to ensure that site visitors using smartphones stay longer and return.


 iPage And vBulletin

iPage is one of the leading web hosting providers for over a decade. They had been providing quality services and tools that are ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Once you sign up for an account with them, you are also given the option to add forums on it.

With iPage, you can use vBulletin’s key features on your website. Adding a forum on your site means that you are dedicated to keeping in touch with your visitors and that you care about their opinions and would like to hear their thoughts on various subjects.

Besides these, adding vBulletin forums on your site can help boost your ranking in search engines, thus improving your site’s online presence.

When you set up the forum on your website, you should always consider that spam messages may be sent to the members of your forum. vBulletin developed some features to keep spammers away, and to prevent the unwanted messages from reaching your members’ inbox.

Take advantage of these features to keep spammers away from your own online forum.

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