Does iPage Let You Own Your Site?

About iPage Hosting

ipage-logo-1Reducing hosting costs without compromising quality is one of the chief goals many web developers and designers share. iPage is a popular web hosting company that is among the most prominent names in the industry, especially in terms of delivering quality yet affordable web hosting solutions. This is the reason many website owners and web developers turn to iPage.

iPage also holds sales promotions and discounts on a regular basis to help customers save on cost. Simply go to their homepage to view the latest promotional offers and discounts.

Right now, iPage is offering a special introductory price of only $2.75/month. That’s 80% off from the original price of $8.99/month!


Here are the key features that come with iPage’s basic hosting plan (aka Essential Plan):

• Money-Back Guarantee

• Unlimited bandwidth

• Unlimited hosting space

• Unlimited email accounts

• Unlimited MySQL databases

• vDeck control panel

• Free domain name registration (for the first year)

• Free advertising credits

• SimpleScripts installer

With the Essential Plan alone, there are a lot of things you can do for your website. Additionally, you can get a lot of extra features (optional) like automatic site backup and recovery, premium SSL certificates, domain privacy, and directory listing, just to name a few.

iPage also has affiliate programs that lets you earn as much as $150 for every person who clicks on an affiliate link and signs up for a qualified iPage web hosting plan.

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Does iPage Let You Own Your Site?

gearAre you wondering how things work with iPage in terms of your site property? Basically, your website, including all of its contents, are all yours. As the website owner, you are responsible for:

• Ensure copyright to the Images in your site.

• Ensure that your site content has unique and original work.

• Ensure that the ads you host on your site are appropriate.

• Maintain and update your site.

• Continuously provide relevant and quality content for your site.

Simply put, iPage will not be held responsible for maintaining your website. Everything that you put into your site is your sole responsibility since it is your property.

Therefore, if there are any complaints about your site’s content, images, or comments from your site visitors and users, you need to address them accordingly.

flagiPage’s role in your website is to simply lease their servers. But again, take note that all transactions made on your web page are all yours. In other words, iPage will not use any

component of your site, especially without your permission. That said, you don’t need to worry about losing rights and control over your website.

Your Domain with iPage

browserWhat is a domain name? A domain name is the simpler form of your IP address. It is the name of your website, like It is easier to remember than seeing a series of numbers on your search engine address bar.


A domain name is very important because it represents your company or brand, and the products or services you offer online.

You are the owner of your domain. iPage’s role with your domain is simply to help you with transactions through the use of leased servers. But again, transactions are under your name and your records.

Important Reminder


When you get iPage’s Essential Plan, it comes with FREE domain registration which is available for the first year upon signing up. This means that iPage has the rights to your domain for the first year until you decide to renew the following year.

Domain Registration

You can register your domain name with iPage today and provide your business a unique and distinctive web address by registering your own domain name and creating a professional image for your site. This way, you can build your brand or company’s credibility and provide better recall for your web address.

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