Do I Need Identity Theft Protection With iPage?

newsThe number of alarming news about rampant Internet crime can make any website owner anxious. For example, Yahoo! is one of the email accounts that have recently been compromised by so-called “hacktivists”, as well as some well-secured government websites.

lockedCompared to regular websites, the levels of security for government websites are assumed to be better than normal. With news of these otherwise “highly secure” websites being hacked, the ability of hackers to actually breach and deface such websites calls for an increased level of security for ordinary websites.

With the ideal web host, website owners can acquire an added level of security for their websites through various options.

Identity theft Protection

profleOne of the reasons some people hack websites is to be able to steal another person’s identity. This sensitive information is often used to deceive others in order to acquire additional important or relevant files or data, such as a person’s real name, email address, or even their credit card information.

The cases of identity theft have already resulted in thousands of victims. As a website owner, you don’t want to fall victim to these malicious individuals.

This is because the website owner’s personal information can since it includes important information such as:

• Email address

• Credit card information

• Real name

Theft Protection Services

There are plenty of web-based companies out there that offer protection to a website owner’s personal information. The monthly fee for such services range between $10 and $20.

creditcardThis is done by monitoring your credit reports and immediately alerting you for unusual business transactions or when your accounts are being accessed by unknown internet providers.

These companies do so by monitoring your credit reports and immediately alerting you for any unusual business transactions or when your accounts are being accessed by unknown Internet providers. Examples of companies that offer protection services include LifeLock and TransUnion.


What is iPage?

ipage-logoiPage is a leading web host provider that’s considered to be one of the top ten web hosting companies in various review websites. This company has a solid reputation in the web hosting industry. It has been in business for more than a decade and hosts millions of websites.

iPage is known to provide quality yet affordable web hosting services.

starThrough the years, iPage has received positive feedbacks from its clients, allowing them to easily create amazing websites even without knowledge or experience in programming.

Does iPage Provide Identity Protection?

deniedUnfortunately, iPage does not offer additional services like protection of a website owner’s credit account(s). The company believes that this is not cost-effective on the part of the website owner since they already offer a comprehensive web host plan without the unnecessary features.

Security Suite

Alternatively, iPage offers the use of SSL certificates and the WHOIS domain privacy option which are considered to be better at keeping a website secure instead of the use of an identity theft protection service.

iPage SSL Security

securitySecure Sockets Layer or SSL is a designed protocol that ensures the safety of sensitive data. SSL makes sure that the website you are planning to do business transactions with are secure from malicious software.


A website with an SSL certificate gives you the confidence to do business transactions since other people will not be able to access your personal information.

lightbulbWith iPage, you can keep payments and personal data secure. Starting at $31.99/year, you can get an SSL certificate for your website.

httpsTo check for a website’s SSL certification, look for a padlock icon located in the address bar before https://. Notice that the http has an “s”.

Website owners can choose to purchase an SSL certificate from Comodo since iPage only offers a shared SSL certificated for its account holders.

WHOIS Domain Privacy

The WHOIS domain privacy is a protocol that asks for the name of the owner of a domain, as well as other pertinent information, such as:

• Name of the real owner

• Actual Mailing address

• Phone Number

• Email address

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