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Knowing your website’s statistics can help you greatly improve its development and overall performance. It’s important to know the number of visitors you have at a certain time, how long they’ve stayed in your site, and where they are located.

ipage-logoiPage is one of the best and most reliable web hosting providers in the market. They offer quality yet affordable web hosting solutions, including web analytics and analysis tools that you can use to help you get a better picture of your website’s performance.

What are web analytics and analysis tools?

1_web analytics_smallWeb analytics helps determine your website’s statistics like the number of visitors in your website, their location, how long they are staying in your site, the unique links and usernames, the types of files and pages, referrers, HTTP errors, the web browsers used by your visitors, and many more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one example of a web analytics tool. Developed by Google, this tool can be used for free. It provides detailed statisctics of a website, including email marketing, Pay-per-Click (PPC) network, ads, links within PDF documents, and more.

iPage and Web Analytics

2_ipagewebanalytics_smallUnfortunately, iPage does not support Google Analytics. Instead, they use other tools that are just as reliable as Google Analytics, including Webalizer, AWStats, and their very own iPage Visitors Statistics.

The Webalizer

WebalizerWebalizer is a web analytics tools that works very fast and can process up to 70,000 records per second. That’s about 2 million hits in just 30 seconds! It determines your website’s stats using graphs and tables. It also provides configurable usage reports in HTML format and displays detailed information and configuration at the README file section.

Webalizer also has unlimited log size files and updates your log files on a regular basis. It will also notify you about your site’s traffic via email, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Webalizer supports the IPv4 and the IPv6 addresses. It is distributed under the General Public License (GNU).

The AWStats

AWStats is a powerful and feature-rich web analytics tools that generates advanced web, streaming, FTP and mail server statistics through graph. It shows you all possible information about your website, including the number of site visitors. AWStats is certified under the GNU.


iPage Visitors Statistics

iPage’s own web analysis tool, the iPage Visitors Statistics, works by tracing your site visitors’ location, the number of visits, and how long they navigate your website. It also determines other information like files, pages, referrers, unique URLs and usernames, and response code, among others.

This tool users log files and records your website’s statistics.

Other Tools Offered by iPage

3_addtl tools_smalllWith iPage, you are spoiled for choice with a lot of useful tools, not just for web analysis but also for building websites and for online marketing.

With iPage’s Design Suite, you can easily create a professional-looking website even without touching a single line of code. With their Marketing Suite, you can have an online store up and running in no time. You can also promote your site using various tools like the Google Webmaster toolsl; ad credits for Google, Bing and Facebook; free listing at, free toll-free phone (US only), and a whole lot more besides!


t for Facebook Advertising, Free listing and free toll- free phone in U.S. only.

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