Can I Transfer My Site Away from iPage?

Are you on the fence about iPage?

If you’re in a hurry right now, I’ll tell you this: Yes, you can transfer your site away from iPage. I mean, both your website and your domain name can be transferred away to another host.

But what about your money? You see, iPage, like most hosts, requires up-front payment for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. If you cancel your account, you get a pro-rated refund for the number of months you didn’t use yet.

Many people would prefer a monthly payment option though…

I’ve been a customer of a different hosting provider for a while now, and I’m very happy with them. They’re called eHost, and you can see exactly why I like them in my in-depth review here.

To be specific, one reason I like eHost so much is that they offer a low monthly payment plan. You can click here to check current pricing. Last I checked, it was on sale for 50% off the regular price.

  • Month-to-month payment
  • No commitment and no obligation.
  • No contracts
  • No big up-front payments for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months…

Note: Similar to how iPage does, eHost does give you bigger discounts for higher up front payments, however if you’re not 100% sure about it, the low monthly payment is much more attractive… the key being you can cancel anytime and all your money back with no hassles and no run-around.

I’m not trying to be a downer on iPage. I just don’t want to be super-biased and make this page all about selling iPage to you. I’d rather make sure you are aware of all the best hosting options available.

What’s Included in My iPage Web Hosting Plan?

ipage-logoPlanning to transfer your website to iPage? Here’s what you should look forward to in your iPage web hosting plan:

• Unlimited storage space

• Unlimited data transfer

• Host unlimited domains

• Free domain registration (for the first year)

• Free SiteLock security suite

• Free point and click site builder

• Free online store

• Free blog

• Free script library


iPage Money-Back Guarantee

money back

You can activate your iPage money-back guarantee feature in your iPage hosting plan before your transfer to fully take advantage of its benefits.

clipboardFor more details on the money-back guarantee, read through their iPage User Agreement so you can easily cross-reference details that you will need to complete your claim..

Why Transfer to iPage Hosting?

crossroadsAs an easy cross-reference, you can take note of iPage’s basic services that they offer in their Essential Plan. Here are some of the benefits that you should take note of with your new web host should you decide to transfer from iPage:

• You will get DNS service or get domain Nameservers

• By using only one username, you can manage both your hosting and your domains

• You can easily manage your domains with iPage DomainCentral tool

• iPage support can be contacted 24×7 even on the after hours

• iPage Domain Privacy is available as an add-on feature to your service where personal information on your domains are protected

More details on the iPage Essential Plan here:


Transfer Your Domain from iPage

browserIf, for whatever reason, you’re planning to transfer your website away from iPage, you may do so without having to worry about losing access to your important files, your database for download, or even its deletion.

newsFor more information on how to transfer your domain, check out this link here. Simply follow these instructions to begin transferring your website from iPage:

1. Unlock your domain name. You need to unlock your domain name with iPage as this is locked upon registration as a precaution for unauthorized or accidental site transfer.

icon_refresha. Get a Transfer Authorization Code. You will need to obtain your authorization code to commence the transfer being requested. These are required but the process will vary depending on your domain registrar.

icon_globe-2b. Domain Central. IIn order to expand the domain settings menu, click on the “+”next to the domain that you want to transfer.

icon_desktopc. Overview Tab. Click on “Domain Lock” or select the Security tab to directly reach the menu and then click on “Unlock Domain”.

icon_box-checkedd. Confirmation Message. After unlocking your domain you will receive a confirmation message.

icon_shielde. Disable Domain Privacy. You can also continue to disable your domain privacy if you have it as an add-on feature. Go to the “Security” tab for the domain that you wish to transfer, just simply click on “Disable Domain Privacy”.

2. iPage Hosting Admin Control Panel. Login to your iPage hosting account admin control panel.

3. Contact Your New Web Host. Once you are able to unlock your domain name with iPage hosting, you can continue to inform your new web hosting provider that you’ve chosen to initiate a request to transfer your domain name to them.

checkThe process of transferring your domain from iPage to another web host will vary as it will entirely depend on your new registrar. You will then need to refer to them on how to get it done.

If you wish to transfer your entire website to a new host, take note that it will be a manual transfer since iPage does not support automatic transfer. This can be done via FTP by manually downloading all of your files and databases.

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