Does iPage Put Ads On My Site?

iPage: Quality and Affordable Web Hosting Packages

ipage-logoiPage is among the top web hosting providers you can find. Their basic web hosting package (known as the Essential Plan) comes with everything you need to get you started developing and building your own website right away. This is one of the many reasons many website owners turn to iPage for all their web hosting and site building needs.

Before anything else, here are some of the key features of iPage’s Essential Plan:

• Unlimited bandwidth

• Unlimited storage space

• Free domain name registration

• Free website builder

• Free Site Lock Security Suite

• Free Online Store

• Marketing Tools

• Free Blog

• A SimpleScripts installer

Online Advertising

1_online ads_smallA lot of website owners prefer web hosting that put ads on their web pages. These ads are a great way to generate revenue every time someone clicks through their pages. Ad integration is a popular way for web hosting providers to get paid by providing data storage for your website.

Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not iPage put ads on the websites they are hosting. Yes, they do, but you need to keep in mind that these are only applicable on free hosted account and accounts with parked domain.

2_site ads_smallDoes iPage Put Ads On My Website?

iPage does put ads on your website under certain conditions. Here are the details in summary:

On a Free iPage Plan. A completely standard way of supporting free hosting setup is with the ads that are placed on your web page.


On iPage’s User Agreement Section 4(i), it states that:

“If you have enrolled in a free plan, your Web site may carry advertising HTML for iPage or a third party, which could include different types of advertisements, including banners or pop-ups. If you would prefer not to have such advertising on your Web site, we encourage you to sign up for a plan that does not include advertising. Our Support Team can help you choose the plan that is right for you.”

With that in mind, you need to ensure that, when you contact iPage’s support team, you need to clearly indicate the type of hosting plan you intend to get because paid plans do not include advertising. If you don’t want your visitors to see all those annoying banners and pop-ups strewn across your site, it’s best to go for paid hosting plans.

You can make a comparison between a free hosted website to one that’s commercially hosted by iPage. You’ll immediately notice the difference between these two. And since iPage’s hosting plans come at very low rates, there’s no reason you shouldn’t obtain your own plan for an ads-free website.

Using Parked Domains. iPage may also place ads on a website if you have a Parked Domain feature on your service.


Domain parking is when a domain name’s registration is not user for online services and does not contain any content yet. Basically, it works by reservation of the domain’s name to be used and developed later. In order to have a better understanding of iPage’s parked domain services, you need to through their User Agreement.

On Section 17, it states that iPage has the right to include ads on the user’s web page and may point the user’s Domain Name System (DNS) to any of iPage’s web pages or its partners.

iPage Paid Accounts

3_paid account_smallAgain, iPage’s paid accounts do not include those annoying and unwanted ads on your web page. Besides having a professional-looking website, it will also be completely free from newsletter ads, pop-ups, banners, and forms asking your site visitors to click on it before getting to a desired web page.

Remember that iPage will only place ads on your site under those two conditions mentioned above. All the other plans allow you to have complete control over your site’s content.

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