Does iPage Offer A Dedicated IP Address?

Every day, more and more websites are launched in the World Wide Web. Together with these, there are just as many web addresses that are created. In order for your website to stand out from the crowd, you must register a unique domain name with your web host provider, which will then assign your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Generally, websites are categorized under arts, health sites, science, technology, government, home improvement, education, government, marketing, business, computer and internet, real estate, photography, shopping, recreation, media and entertainment, miscellaneous, and many more.

ipage-logo-1One excellent web hosting company that provides quality yet affordable web hosting services is iPage. iPage, with its reliable hosting plans, will also assign an IP address that can label and clarify your computer.

But first things first…

What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?

IP AddressSimply put, an IP address serves as your computer’s identification number. An IP address recognizes your computer. It consists of four (4) numbers between 0 and 225, and is separated by periods.

An IP address can be a computer shared by one household, a user’s address, a server with multiple domains, or an entire network of specific people.

There are two types of IP address, namely:

  • Shared Internet Protocol Address; and
  • Dedicated Internet Protocol Address


The Shared Internet Protocol (IP) Address


When you share an IP address and space with other servers, it is said to be a shared IP address. Because of the steady influx of websites in the World Wide Web, most web hosting companies assign shared IP address to their customers.

One of the downsides of shared IP address is the higher risk of getting your website affected by spammers, malware, and viruses. However, there have been no reports about computers getting seriously damaged due to viruses on shared IP address.

The Dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) Address

A dedicated (or static) IP address, on the other hand, is when you have your own space and your own IP address.

lightbulbA dedicated IP address is assigned by your web hosting provider when you want to access your site in a special way, like through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or via anonymous FTP. It is a huge advantage on your part to have a dedicated IP address,


Perhaps the only downside to having a dedicated IP address is that it is more costly compared to shared IP address. A dedicated IP address is ideal for large-scale businesses and exclusive companies.

Does iPage Host offer a dedicated internet protocol (IP) address?

Currently, iPage does not offer a dedicated IP address. iPage considers itself a shared hosting company, which means their clients get to share everything by assigning a shared IP address and placing them in the same server. This also means that iPage clients share the same amount of bandwidth and disk space. This is one of the reasons iPage is able to offer low-cost web hosting solutions.

In some cases, shared hosting poses a lot of security concerns. But iPage takes the necessary measures to keep their hosted websites safe and secure by offering the SiteLock Security suite, which is available for as low as $1.94/month.


The Internet Protocol (IP) Address Ownership by iPage

clipboardWith regards to the ownership of an IP address, iPage has an absolute discretion of the IP address they assign to the servers. Therefore, they have the right to use and control the IP address they assign to their clients, and they have the authority to change or remove the IP addresses and numbers.

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    pradeep April 12, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    How can i cange these ip address..
    eg.. if i have two website on the same server… is this possible to change IP addresse of these websites..

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