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Domain Privacy Defined

1_domain privacy defined_smallDomain privacy simply refers to the protection given to personal details from being directly posted online, particularly in the WHOIS database. The process of registering domains would require you to give out your personal data which includes your real name, email address, and contact info, among others.


Once it’s in a public database, your personal information can be viewed and used by anyone. Although doing so may help boost your web presence, this may not always be beneficial to you. In fact, it may pose a lot more danger knowing that everyone, including stalkers, hackers, telemarketers, and online thieves, will have access to your private information. The scariest part is that these individuals can use your information for their own personal gain.

It’s in these situations when domain privacy is of utmost importance. It disables direct access of sensitive information on the WHOIS database, replacing it with generic information.

ipage-logo-1If you’re looking for quality yet affordable web hosting solutions that include domain privacy, then iPage is your answer. Under iPage, the information to be presented in the WHOIS database will be those pertaining to the iPage system.

Inquiries from Web users about your information will be redirected to the domain privacy service and will be filtered before it will reach you. This way, you will be able to protect yourself from having other people know about your name, email address, your company’s given name, billing address, credit card details, etc.

iPage and Domain Privacy

2_ipage&privacy_smalliPage offers domain privacy to its account holders. This means that you’ll have the ability to hide your personal information from the public if you have the domain privacy features on your website. Again, all sensitive data will be replaced with generic information of iPage and any form of communication from other Web users will first pass through iPage and will be filtered by the time it reaches you. From there, it will be up to you if you are going to ignore or reply to inquiries.

Why Get iPage’s Domain Privacy?

3_ipage domain privacy_smalliPage’s domain privacy feature lets you retain your domain name without the risk of exposing sensitive information to the public.

Here’s an example of a website with domain privacy and one without domain privacy:

Domain Privacy

To give you a closer look, here are some of the perks and benefits of using iPage’s domain privacy system:

  • Gives you utmost protection from stalkers. Stalkers will find a way to get to you no matter what. They will search every archive just to get closer to you and your personal details. With domain privacy, you will be protected from these individuals.
  • Protects you from spam. Spammers will use your personal details such as your email address to send you spam mails and other malicious and junk materials. The WHOIS database is a good source for them to start their job. Hiding your details from the database will help a lot in getting rid of these spammers.
  • Protection from online thieves. Hackers and other forms of fraudulent individuals are everywhere. They are not just present in the real world but also in the online market, constantly in search for susceptible victims. In order to prevent them from using your details for their own personal transactions, you should keep yourself protected by not exposing sensitive information to the public.
  • Keeps you secure from unwarranted domain association. Hiding your information will also protect your site from being used by other websites without your permission. This will protect your domain from being associated with websites that might negatively affect your integrity, such as adult sites.

Domain Privacy Cost4_cost_small

With iPage, you don’t need to worry much about the cost of domain privacy. For only $9.99/year, you can ensure the safety of your personal data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This is quite a catch, considering the added layer of protection it will bring to your website.

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