How to Set Up a Shopping Cart on iPage

Have you ever tried shopping online? Of course you did! Well, chances are you have been able to use a shopping cart. If you’re planning to run your own eCommerce website, then you will need a shopping cart to provide better services to your clients.

But you might be wondering…

What’s a shopping cart?

1_whatis shopping cart_small Simply put, a shopping cart is a web application that allows customers and shoppers to purchase products or services online and provide them with a fast and convenient shopping system where they can place their items/orders that they are planning to purchase from your online shop. These are the items that are shown in the whpg before paying for the items.

The shopping cart can help you sort out and organize items that you are planning to purchase. Some shopping cart systems even allow you to place labels, photos, and descriptions. For a faster browsing experience, you can also arrange items in catalogs. Shopping cart systems have completely changed online transactions by making it easier and faster for customers.

Key Features of a Shopping Cart

2_key feat shopping cart_smallThere are two components of a regular shopping cart. This includes:

  • Storefront
  • Admin area

It’s just like a brick-and-mortar shop where you have a display area and an “authorized personnel only” area. eCommerce sites have that, too!

At the storefront, your visitors can see and access your products which are organized into categories or catalogs where they can easily be viewed and found. Additionally, a typical storefront in an eCommerce site also contains the whpg page where buyers can review and finalize the items that they want to purchase.

The payment terms and conditions related to online shopping are highlighted in an eCommerce site’s storefront. There are also other useful tools that can be added, like search pages to help shoppers easily find what they’re looking for. This is especially useful if you have a lot of items up for sale.

On the other hand, the admin area is for the store owner to manage and tweak the eCommerce site’s settings. Products can be modified and adjusted according to their preference.

iPage Shopping Carts

3_ipage shopping cart_smalliPage is one of the best, most reliable web hosting companies that provide high-quality yet affordable web hosting packages. They also support shopping carts where you can easily add a cart to your iPage-hosted website.

ipage-logo-1iPage supports ShopSite, a user-friendly shopping cart system that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It has an easy-to-use, browser-based interface where you can create a fully functional online shop in just a matter of minutes – no need for prior experience in programming and no need to install anything! ShopSite will help you build your own catalog, promote your products, as well as process orders safely and securely online. What’s more, you can integrate it to accept payments using PayPal, Google Checkout, or any other Internet merchant account.


Check out ShopSite and what it has to offer for your eCommerce site here.

Want More Options?

With iPage, you can also use SimpleScripts to install a shopping cart in your website. SimpleScripts is a one-click installer that’s part of your iPage account. You have a number of choicse among shopping carts, including:

  • OpenCart
  • Zencart
  • OSCommerce
  • Magento

iPage: Online Selling Guide

4_online selling guide_smallOnce you are ready start selling online, you have to make sure that you have the necessary requirements in opening an online store. Here are the things that you must do:

icon_creditcard You must be able to accept payment. There are lots of payment options such as Paypal, credit cards, checks, and gift cards. These should be integrated with your shopping cart. The more payment options, the better.

icon_cart You will also need a shopping cart software that will automate shopping transactions.

Installing shopping cart on iPage

SimpleScripts will make installing a shopping cart to your website a whole lot easier. Here’s what you need to do:

• Login to your iPage hosting account where you’ll be directed to the Control Panel.


• From the Control Panel, look for the SimpleScripts icon and click it.


• You will be presented with a list of applications that you can install on your iPage-hosted website. The eCommerce category will give you choices as to which shopping cart you wish to install.


• Click the install button.


• Follow the instructions on the next page to complete installation. There will be some fields where you need to enter your information.

That’s it, you’re done! Easy, right? iPage makes sure that every feature they have is easy to use, even for beginners. Now, it’s time to set up your own eCommerce website and start generating income. Best of luck!

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