How to Transfer Your Website from Yahoo! Hosting to iPage

We are always on a constant lookout for ways to save money. Website builders often look at affordable rates and a company’s delivery on quality when it comes to signing up for a web hosting service. The demand for high-quality web hosting service providers is on a rise, most of which comes from online business from different parts of the world.

But before making your decision on which web host to choose, you need to carefully evaluate the options. This comes as a challenge to some people, and it depends whether you’re just starting out or somewhat of an expert.

However, if you’re looking for web hosting service that is both high in quality AND affordable, then iPage is the best choice there is.

iPage Web Hosting


iPage has been in the web hosting industry since 1998, gathering its expertise for more than a decade of tenure in the business by starting out as a website builder for a few, and moving further to provide better, more comprehensive services to millions of websites.

Web developers and website owners alike turn to iPage because of their high-quality web hosting packages that come at a reasonable price – one you cannot find elsewhere.

iPage: Web Hosting Plan


Keep your eyes peeled because iPage regularly offers discounts and online sales promotions. Right now, they are offering a special introductory price of only $2.25/month (75% off from its original price of $8.99/month)!


Take note, however, that the introductory price is available for the first term of service and will automatically renew at the regular rate thereafter.

Everything you need in terms of basic service is already included in their Essential Plan web hosting package. For only $2.25/month, here’s what to expect from their basic package:

iPage: Perks and Benefits

iPage has a solid reputation for providing two important things to their clients: reliability and affordability. Everything you need in a web hosting service is already in their basic web hosting package.

Want more? Here are more perks and benefits you can enjoy if you switch your domain to the iPage domain registrar:

  • Comprehensive DNS service (domain nameservers)
  • Managing both your hosting and your domains is easy by using only one username
  • iPage DomainCentral tool allows you to manage your domains easily
  • Personal information on your domains are protected with iPage Domain Privacy (optional add-on feature)
  • iPage support can be reached any time even during afterhours with their 24/7 customer support service

Yup, that’s right! You’ll get all of these – and more – once you sign up for an account with iPage!

Transferring Your Domain from Yahoo! to iPage

If you have finally decided to switch domains from Yahoo! to iPage, you can do so quickly and easily without worrying about losing any important data, as well as clients/users.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s what you need to do to transfer your website to iPage:

icon_info1. According to the ICANN rules, at least 60 days should pass since the last registration or last transfer of your domain. If you meet this requirement, you can proceed with transferring your domain to iPage.

icon_lock-open2. Unlock your domain name.

icon_cog3. Go to your iPage hosting account and login. Go to your admin control panel.

icon_globe-24. In “Domain Central” enter the domain name you want to transfer in the “Add Domain Name” field.

icon_plus_alt5. Then, click on the add button.

icon_cursor6. Find your domain name In the Domain Central list, click “More Info”.

icon_box-checked7. Place your authorization code in the text box.

icon_refresh8. Click on the “Transfer to iPage” button.

icon_mail9. Check your iPage administrative email for more instructions.

icon_like_alt10. Continue with the instructions and complete the transfer.

Congratulations! You have just transferred your domain from Yahoo! to iPage!


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