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What is iPage?

ipage-logo-1Since the year 1998, iPage has been providing quality and affordable web hosting solutions for small and medium sized website owners from all around the globe. To date, there are more than a million websites hosted by iPage – and the number continues to grow by the day!

iPage is a US-based company that offers bundled web hosting plans that both beginner and professional website owners alike can take advantage of. And by purchasing a Renewable Energy Certificate, the company prides itself for using wind energy to power all their hosted websites. In the process, you and the company use less carbon footprint. Green

What is Sitelock?


An iron-clad website security means protection from the inside out, as well as the outside in. SiteLock has the technology to do all of these, including daily scanning, automatic removal of malware, web app firewall, a global CDN for a lightning-fast website, and 24/7 customer support, among many others. Their dynamic Trust Seal is proof that your website is safe and secure, thereby helping you build trust.

1_sitelock feature_small Sitelock is a security system that has the following core features:

  • Protects your site from malware: Hackers will not be able to access private information about you or your visitors. Your site will be protected against viruses, as well. This is done effectively by running scans on a daily basis.
  • Business validation: People will know that you are running a legal business, therefore building trust that could lead to increased conversions and return of investment.
  • Site certification: The SiteLock seal will be displayed on your website to prove that anyone can transact business with you safely. This also means that all their private information, including credit card details, will remain protected.
  • Acts as an anti-theft device for your data.
  • Email monitoring for spams are done daily to weed out irrelevant comments on your site.
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • SQL, XSS and web app scans

Malware Monitoring Application

2_malware monitoring_smallBy using iPage’s SiteLock security suite, you will have an efficient malware monitoring system that will automatically and regularly scan your website from the following:

  • Cross-site scripting: This is also known as XSS. SiteLock scans your site for hackers who want to farm your customers’ vital information like names, addresses, Social Security number, and even credit card information.
  • SQL injections: SiteLock checks if there are any security vulnerability in your database.
  • Application vulnerabilities: SiteLock does a scan on the applications you are using and checks for vulnerabilities.
  • Backdoors
  • Brute force attacks

Why do I need Sitelock?

3_why_smallSiteLock is important for those who want to keep their website secure against malware, hackers, and online thieves. Other purposes of using SiteLock include:

  • Protection of online reputation
  • Credibility boost
  • Enhanced security

If you’re planning to open an eCommerce website, your customers might not be so keen in giving out their credit card details for fear that their account may get involved in credit card fraud. But this is just one of the many concerns you’ll encounter online. There are also spammers who throw in irrelevant, nonsensical comments that would lead back to their website, not to mention online stalkers and thieves whose job is to steal other people’s personal information for their own benefit. You don’t want to encounter any of these online, so it’s best to be safe than sorry!

Pricing and detail

4_pricing_smallFor as low as $1.94/month, you can get the SiteLock security plan on iPage. This is if you purchase the SiteLock Find plan for the 36-month term. This already automatically removes malware, do FTP scans every day, monitors file changes on the site, and can protect up to 100 pages on your website.


The SiteLock security is an add-on feature for your web hosting plan, but it’s definitely a worthy investment. If you buy it, you are assuring trust and reliability.

You can choose from three different plans, as shown here:


In the real world, we take medicine to protect us from viruses and other disease-causing organisms. In the World Wide Web, we need a security system like SiteLock to take care of us. We do not want to deal with hackers, identity theft, and fraud when all we want is to run an honest business online.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase SiteLock today!

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