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As a consumer, we have this instinct that, before you commit on to something, you need to try it out first whether or not it works well enough for you. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time and money. Surely, you don’t want to be tied down in a long-term relationship without the pre-engagement. The same goes for choosing the right web hosting provider for your website.

If you can get away with just paying a small amount of money while experiencing the best quality a web host can provide in a given period, then you’re very lucky. And guess what? iPage offers just that!

ipage-logo-1Having been in the web hosting business for more than a decade, iPage has a reputation for providing high-quality yet affordable web hosting services. They offer regular discounts and special deals for their clients and prospects so they can get the idea on how exceptional their services are.

Trusted by web developers and website owners, iPage is hosting millions of websites from all over the globe!

iPage Special Introductory Offer

1_intro offer_smalliPage offers special deals and discounts that allows customers to experience one-of-a-kind web hosting services at the lowest price possible.

One of the many deals offered by iPage is their $2.25/month special introductory offer. That’s over 75% from its original price of $8.99/month!


Take note, however, that the promo is good for the first term of service only and will automatically renew at the regular rate once the term ends. At this point, it will be at your disposal if you want to renew or not.

With this special discount, you, as an iPage account holder, are in a win-win situation. So hurry before the promo ends!

Customer Appreciation Plan: Special $1 Discount

2_discounts_smalliPage also has a secret offer page for those who want to share their love for iPage. Simply visit this page and you can unlock iPage’s special $1 discount.


If you know a friend or family who is looking for quality yet affordable web hosting, refer them to this page right away to enjoy a special $1 discount! This is iPage’s way of saying thank you to their loyal customers.

With the Customer Appreciation Plan, you will get:

  • Unlimited disk space and email
  • Free domain name registration
  • Your own choice of website builders
  • ShopSite Starter Shopping Cart for online sellers
  • Ad credits for Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook
  • And more!


Hurry and refer a friend or family today!

How is iPage as a Hosting Provider?

3_web hosting provider_smallSince its introduction on 1998, iPage has consistently topped the chart as one of the best web hosting providers in the market. The reason for this lies on the top-quality services it provides to its consumers. What makes it above from other providers is its focus on their clients’ overall satisfaction.

Many prefer iPage to host their website due to the good service. Here are some reasons you should switch to iPage:

  • Integration with powerful and easy-to-use site builders that enable both beginner and expert web developers to build fully functional, professional-looking websites.


  • You can create your website in any way you like – the sky’s the limit! With extensive pre-made themes and templates made available for you, you can surely create one that best describes your brand or industry.
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials and Quick Start guides are made available for beginners.
  • Emails are made sure to be sent and receive fast, and spam filters are effective.
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth for everyone.
  • Free shopping cart system for online sellers.
  • Exceptionally good online security to its customers, operating under Network Operations Center that automatically locks down any security holes once detected. Furthermore, iPage accounts are incorporated with free SiteLock security suite, enabling you to tighten your site’s security through malware scans and spam scanning. This will also let your visitors know that your domain, which is the name of your site, is legitimate and by posting a security badge on your site, they will know that its security is being tested regularly.


Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting comes in different types. This includes:

  • Free web hosting. Ideal only for personal use (e.g. bloggers)
  • Shared hosting. Suitable for small to medium business operators.
  • Dedicated hosting. Good for big establishments and institutions with data demanding workloads and popular sites that receive heavy traffic every day.


The above can be categorized into two kinds namely, free and paid (shared and dedicated) web hosting. iPage belongs to paid hosting.

Paid Hosting: Why Is it Good For You?

4_paid hosting_smallIn free web hosting, your website’s functions and capabilities (even its overall design) are quite limited. Well, you can’t expect anything more than that. After all, it’s free.

The server’s resources are so limited that it can only be good for personal use and unlikely even for small business owners. Additionally, the server administration can place unwanted ads and banners to your site without your prior knowledge, which can be quite intrusive for your site visitors.

Compared to free hosting, paid hosting requires you to fulfill some financial obligations in exchange for exceptional hosting services. Paid hosting, especially dedicated hosting, allows you to store unlimited data and transfer as many files as you want with its unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

As for shared hosting, disk space is limited, though you can still share lots of files and enjoy other cool perks and benefits. Shared hosting is generally ideal for small to medium business owners. It is also more economical compared to dedicated hosting, which is quite costly.

In contrast to free hosting, paid hosting enables you to have complete control over your website. You won’t have to worry about unwanted banners popping up on your site the next day. To some degree, as with dedicated hosting, you will have access to the server administration.


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