Can I Build a Good Site With iPage?

What is iPage?

ipage-logoiPage is a one of the best and most popular web hosting providers, offering quality yet affordable hosting solutions. It is one of the most trusted hosting sites these days. If you check various review sites, you will see that iPage is always on the top spot of the most highly recommended web hosting companies out there..

!It has been able to claim a good spot on the top 10 web hosting providers in the web.

1_reliability_smallBacked with an excellent track record in providing quality services for over a decade, iPage has already proved its reliability and worth when it comes to creating top-notch websites and web pages. The company is managed and owned under Endurance International Group (EIG), one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry. This is the same group that handles other popular hosting sites like BlueHost, FatCow, JustHost, GoDaddy, and many others.

! This is the same group that handles other large hosting sites such as: BlueHost, FatCow, JustHost, GoDaddy, and among others.

With the actual performance of iPage, it has been able to make its own name and mark in the online industry.

Building a Good Site with iPage

weeblyIn order to give only the best to its clients, iPage partnered with one of the greatest web builders on the web today. This is Weebly.

Just like iPage, Weebly is also a web hosting provider, but because of its competence in the field of site building, iPage has partnered with them to handle all the web building tasks of its clients.

2_dragndrop_smallWeebly employs a drag-and-drop system that has already been proven and tested to be very effective and easy to use by web developers. This system also adds fun and excitement to the process of building websites.

Here are the things that can be done with Weebly:

3_choose background_small • Choosing a background for your page– there is a wide range of ready-made templates available with Weebly that you can choose to use for your site’s background. It also allows you to do some manipulations to make it look more personal but still very professional.

4_select layout_small • Selecting your layout– You can also choose from the available layouts of the web builder so that file clustering and text highlights will come more efficiently.

5_pages_small • Working on your pages– the builder allows you to have not just one page but multiple pages according to your need. You can also create a theme for your pages and personalize each one of them.

6_seo_small • Search Optimization– meta tags and keywords will be assigned to your texts and data. This will be the highlights that will represent your page’s contents and will be used when locating for search results on search engines.

7_publish_small • Site publication– you can initially launch your site in no time after you are ready with your pages. You can also work on them further and publish it again.

Why Choose iPage?

8_reasons_smallAside from being a trusted site, there are many other good reasons for choosing iPage. These include:

• The iPage WordPress, which enables you to create blogs and text entries much more easily for your web page or site.

• The iPage Directory Listing, which will help your site rank higher on major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google.

iPage Community Directory

• The iPage FTP, which will help you easily download and upload your files on the web.

• The iPage Domains, which allows you to have more than one domain (and you’ll also be given one FREE domain that’s good for one year).

iPage Domain

You can enjoy all these cool features – and more – with iPage!

iPage’s Goal

9_goal_smalliPage keeps a mission of keeping their record as one of the most highly recognized and trusted online web hosting providers in the world. It is constantly improving and innovating further to help achieve not just great web pages but the best websites for its clients.

iPage doesn’t just stop searching for better techniques and styles; it is continually molding better features for web developers and website owners to use.

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    Great post! I want to build a website, but unfortunately, I don\’t have much experience. I\’m thinking about using one of the website builders from as it is supposed to be easy-to-use. Also these web builders don\’t require special skills, and this is what I need. But I\’ve become interested in your suggestion as your words sound really persuasively, maybe I\’ll give iPage a try. Thanks for sharing!

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