Can I Pay iPage With Debit Card?

iPage: The Leading Provider in High-Quality Web Hosting Solutions

ipage-logoThis company is also considered to be one of the leading providers of quality web hosting services, resulting in an increase in the number of positive reviews and feedback from account owners and clients. This is backed by iPage’s existence and excellent track record that spans more than a decade. Today, this web hosting company hosts millions of websites.

Every day, more and more websites are being created and are hosted by iPage.

Why Turn To iPage?

Extended Offer

This sales promotion can be applied on the first three months of the initial web host plan. The current rate is already seen to be one of the lowest rates when compared to other web hosting providers.


And if you won’t be able to avail this promo today, don’t worry because iPage offers promos like this on a regular basis!

There are even some iPage promotions that includes discounts on the iPage registration at a maximum of 70% from the original price.

iPage: Key Features

At a reasonable rate, iPage gives you all the features and options you need for your website. For the basic package alone, you’ll get:

• unlimited disk space and bandwidth Perks

• free domain registration

• free domain transfer in the first year

This is because the domain name registration normally costs up to $15 per year.

Additional Perks and Benefits


iPage offers its clients the use of DomainCentral which improves management and control of all your existing domains in just a single web hosting provider.


iPage makes the addition of applications and scripts easily installed on your website by using Simple Script which can be done in just one click. Relevant website applications may include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • B2evolution
  • and more!

iPage guarantees a 99.9% uptime, which is done by the use of advanced servers.


This ensures that your website will not only be fast, but will also be reliable. What’s more, iPage’s customer support team has an average hold time of two minutes, ensuring a lot of positive feedback from clients and current website owners.

Payment Methods: Debit Card


iPage offers its clients the use of the debit card as a payment method for their current web hosting plan. This means that you have the option to pay their hosting plans by using not just just PayPal or credit cards, but also debit cards.

The use of debit cards is usually not available in other web hosting providers but with iPage, transactions will be smooth and easy since payments will automatically and immediately be deducted from their account.


The use of a debit card is more favorable for website owners since it has better security compared to those offered to credit cards.

Along with credit cards, iPage accepts American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard credit cards.


Are There Any Limitations to the Use of the Debit Cards?


Take note, however, that there are still some significant limitation to the use of debit cards to pay for iPage web hosting plans. This is because you are automatically authorizing iPage to charge your hosting plan fees straight from your bank account. Thus, iPage will automatically deduct your hosting plan payment from your account at regular intervals without the need to inform you about the deductions.

The same goes for the payment method under PayPal where iPage also automatically deducts the host plan payment from the client’s PayPal account.

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