Can I Transfer My Site to iPage?

What is a Domain Name

browserDomain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. At the same time, it keeps the really technical IP address invisible for most viewers. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular web pages. Like international phone numbers, domain names help give every Internet server a unique and memorable address.


A good domain name will allow your website to attract as many visitors as possible. This way, you can promote your company or brand, as well as its services by creating better recall.

Basically, your domain name is an IP address that looks something like this: 1.160. 20.230. It’s a series of numbers that equals your domain name system (i.e. With a catch and unique domain name, your website will stand to have better page rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.

Choosing Your Domain Name

When choosing your domain name, you need to keep in mind these three important factors:

• You need a catchy domain name

• You need a unique domain name

• You need to ensure that your domain name of choice is available for use

checkTaking these three important factors into consideration, you can easily create the perfect domain name for your site. Again, it has to be catchy so that your site visitors and target audience can easily recall and keep coming back to your site. It also has to be unique so you can solely own the domain name and avoid confusion. Additionally, it should be available for use, which means nobody else should already be using your chosen domain name. These three factors support the main idea of contributing and driving more traffic to your site.

Transferring Your Site

crossroadsYou will always hear offers where you are urged to transfer your site to another web host. It could be a good option should the need for a transfer arises, but only if the web hosting provider you’re planning on transferring to meets your requirements.

When it comes to domain transfers, you can either:

  • Transfer only your domain name; or
  • Transfer your entire website, including the files, database, and its contents.

Can I Transfer My Site to iPage?

One of the most commonly asked questions is how to transfer a website to iPage. It’s quite simple! Just follow these simple steps:

icon_lock-open 1. Unlock your domain name. To commence your transfer, you need to unlock your domain. As common practice, domain registrars lock your domain names upon registration as a precaution and means to avoid unauthorized or accidental transfer of domain names.

icon_box-checked 2. Get Your Authorization Code. Since your domain registrars are regularly locked upon registration, you need to get an authorization code for your transfer. The process in obtaining the said codes varies per domain registrar.

icon_cursor 3. Go your iPage hosting account. This is under the assumption that you are already signed up with iPage. If you haven’t yet, then you need to sign up to iPage’s official site first and register. Go to your iPage account and log in to your admin control panel.

icon_globe-2 4. Domain Central. Enter your domain name in the “Add Domain Name” field in the “Domain Central” for the transfer. Then, click on the add button.

icon_search_alt 5. Look for your domain name in the Domain Central list, click “More Info”.

icon_like_alt 6. Enter Your Authorization Code. Input your authorization code in the text box on the next page.

icon_refresh 7. Prepare to Transfer Your Site. Click on the button “Transfer to iPage”.

icon_mail 8. Email Confirmation. You will receive an email confirmation from iPage including further instructions to finish and confirm your transfer request.

icon_error-circle 9. Complete Your Site Transfer to iPage. Follow the succeeding instructions that are found in the email confirmation to complete your site transfer. You can now begin to manage your website with iPage.

icon_lock 10. Lock Your Domain. You will want to lock your domain registrar again in order to avoid unauthorized or accidental domain transfer.

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