Is shared hosting slow?

What is a Shared hosting service?

Shared hosting is when you share your domain or websites with other people in one server or IP. Hundreds and thousands use shared hosting service for their servers or websites. This may look like too much, but it actually is working great because some of those websites don’t generate the same bandwidth or data transmission like big businesses. This hosting service is great for personal websites and small to medium businesses. Most of these hosts offer significantly bigger bandwidth, storage and speed. If everyone one of them used them equally, and they do, it works perfectly. Most of the people purchasing this kind of hosting service don’t usually know what to look for in a host, and may end up doing a very bad decision for their business.

Using this hosting service, it may experience a server load spike because there are times when many people are using the same physical hardware. All web hosts with this kind of service are working hard 24/7 to monitor and prevent this kind issue, but sometimes it just happens.

Reasons Why Shared Hosting is Slow

 It is sometimes due to the web host itself. Low-quality hosts attract consumers with low prices, but they always fail to mention to the consumers that they have old servers and that they are unbelievably slow. You can only avoid this by researching on a web host that is proven to be trustworthy and very efficient

 It can be that the server is getting more that it can handle. Shared servers are not made to withstand pages of heavily loading it with audio and video content, this means that whether your hosts is very respectable or not in this kind of service, it won’t hold it for long, and it will eventually slow down or even crash

  •  poorly written code
  •  database error
  •  too many WordPress plugins

Disadvantages in Choosing a Shared Hosting Service

 You won’t have a hands on work when it comes to managing your website or web pages

 Because you can’t manage your own website when choosing a shared host, sometimes, you need a certain script or software for your website, but you can’t apply it because you don’t have any access to it.

 It has a low level security because you are sharing your website with other people on the same server

 Due to being in one server, when the server suffers some issue, and or crashes, all of the websites that are in the server of the host, all of it will stop working.

 When another website in your server suffers a large amount of traffic, you may experience slowing down of loading pages on your website

 A possibility of sharing server space with a hacker that is just waiting for the right time to jump in

Before jumping in and choosing the right shared host for you, never forget the one weapon you have when it comes to choosing: knowledge. Search and research on every possible choices that you have, find out what benefits and drawbacks that it will give to you and your growing business.

Shared hosting is indeed a very good choice for people who are just starting to build their very own business, it is cheap and you can just focus on your business because there are professionals who are looking out for you on the side of the hosts. But always remember, that while it is cheap, convenient and even with a very respectable host, you will always have the dreaded enemies, which is slowed speed and security vulnerability

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