How fast is shared hosting usually set up?

For a newbie, the world of shared hosting might be a little frightening, since there are a lot of thing to do and manage. There are only a couple of simple things to do to finish what you think is that you need. While shared hosting might seem like it would take a long time to start up, but it’s actually fairly easy.

You might be feeling a little excited or perhaps a little anxious in using your own shared-hosting account for the first time. Do not fret, because making a shared hosting account is really easy. Most shared hosting accounts already have templates set up for whatever look you might want your website to have. Also, the most that they would require for you to do is to set up an account, give a name for your website, choose your design, and then you can start filling it up with whatever content you may prefer. As different as each of and every server, and here are some examples of the things that you may need to know about them.

In order for people not to be able to control your account or hack it, you must create a very strong and hard to guess password. And in the event that someone really hacked you, you can easily manage it to the use of the hosting control center.

How to change your passwords on your hosting account

There may be times that you would think your account is at risk for hacking or that the security might have been bypassed. When your account is at risk, you can change your password in a few easy steps:

  •  Open the account manager
  •  Click on Web Hosting
  •  Click the Launch option right next to the account you want to work with
  •  On this section, go and find the SETTINGS and browse to it to choose the ACCOUNT LOGIN option
  •  write in a new password and verify it, then you can click on UPDATE

Coming up with a strong and secure password

In this type of services, you are always required to fill up and enable them go. Here’s a few of common conditions for password-making:

 It should include any of the following

  •  percent sign (%)
  •  exclamation point (!)
  •  at symbol (@)
  •  hash mark (#)
  •  It must include both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  •  It should start with a letter
  •  It should have 8 or more characters.

Setting up your shared hosting website

When you finally chosen a hosting plan, you should normally set it up first. This is something that can be done in the hosting control center or hosting control panel. Here are some steps you can follow in order for you to do this:

 Log into the Account Manager

 This is where you can manage and control the administrative functions of your site. This also includes email settings.

  •  Choose Web Hosting
  •  Click the Launch option right next to the account you want to use
  •  After that you’ll need to fill up the following fields.

Type in the domain name that you’d like to use

 FTP user name
they already have a user name made for you, but they are letting you have the choice in making one for yourself

 Password and Confirm Password
Type in the password that you want to use in order to access the host account and for signing in to the control center.

  •  Click Finish.

How long does it take to set up an account?

The making of an account can last as long as 30 minutes, but for it to be able to used, you are going to need to wait for 24 hours. It is standard protocol that web hosting websites will send you an email telling you that your account information is ready to use.

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