ASP Support (Active Server Pages)


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the regular advanced language to make web pages. It is written in HTML element that consists of tags embedded in angle brackets. Early websites used static HTML pages. It was easy to learn and very efficient in sending over dial up connections that is used to connect to the Internet. As time passes by, more and more ideas and subject were needed to be sent actively than passively.

But now, many websites, especially the web traders use some dynamic pages that is being generated by applications on a web server. Microsoft made its own dynamic Web programming called ASP or Active Server Pages. Many people use ASP nowadays, and it’s time to elaborate on some basic knowledge about it that we should know.

What is ASP?

ASP or Active Server Pages, which is also called as a Classic ASP was Microsoft’s first server-side designing software that gives you the capability of making web pages that are collective and active. It uses a server-side set-up that is effectively producing web pages that is not affected by the visitor’s type of browser that they are using.

ASP was first released as an add-on to IIS or Internet Information Services in the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack back in 1996, it was a free software of the Windows Server. Since it’s just making a regular HTML web page, it can be sent to most servers. It has a default designing language called VBScript that is used to compose ASP. You can also use other designing languages such as Jscript, which is Microsoft’s own version of JavaScript. You can also use ActiveX Data Objects or ADOs framework description. You can name the HTML file with a file suffix “.asp”. Client side designs were not working on older browsers, so Microsoft recommended to use the server-side ASP that will enable you to see an easily displayable HTML web page.

Applications and Advantages of ASP

  •  An intelligent ASP setup can decrease internet workload traffic
  •  You can modify a web page for it to be user-friendly to your web page visitors
  •  Actively modify, add or remove any content of a web page
  •  Is safe because your ASP code cannot be seen from the browser
  •  Enable you to respond to visitor questions and problems from the HTML forms
  •  You can display contents and information like date and time in many different ways
  •  It is very easy to use
  •  ASP enables you to establish any language that you choose. You can commonly use VBScript and Jscript, in addition to this, you can also use other languages such as Perl and Python
  •  As the site owner, it is very cost effective and cheap
  •  No limitations as to what you can be done with ASP with COM parts.
  •  Most hosting companies are supporting ASP
  •  You can use 2 tools that support ASP, the WYSIWYG editor-Front Page and Visual InterDev

ASP has six built in components. They are ready to use objects that gives your web pages a very functional performance without having to make them yourselves. These are:

  •  Session
  •  ObjectContext
  •  Application
  •  ASPError
  •  Server
  •  Request and Response

All in all, the ASP is probably one of the most interesting technology in the Internet that was created by Microsoft. It gives the developers the functionality, diversity and efficient alternative scripting for web pages. It is very easy to learn and cost effective. Having it on your web pages will make a big difference on your web pages’ performance and reputation.

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