Can I get a dedicated IP on shared hosting?

Choosing the right hosting service for you can be a bit difficult but it can also be easy if you know what to look for. You can choose a dedicated hosting if you have a big business, and choose a shared one if you are planning on making an online blog or a small online business. But as of now, many people have been choosing a shared hosting service, because it is cheap, and it is preferable if you are just starting up, or just making a personal website.

Being in a shared hosting server has its advantages, there are also drawbacks, namely the sharing of a server with other websites makers. Now this poses some issues for a website maker, in which while being in the same server, you of course are sharing an IP address with them. This can affect your websites reputation if you are sharing with a website with a bad reputation. This is where an option comes in. Getting a dedicated IP address.

What is an IP address?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a way in which you can send a data from one host to another host through the internet, in this case, the host is a computer. Each computer connected to the Internet has at an IP address that particularly names it from all other computers on the Internet. Each computer that is connected to the Internet is given an IP address for communication reasons. An IP address is a 32-bit numeric address that is usually conveyed as 4 numbers from 0-255 that is then separated by dots. There is billions of possibilities for an address, but the number is limited.

For example, when you send or receive emails, the data is divided into little parts that is called packets. Each of those are carrying both the sender’s and the receiver’s address. A packet goes to a portal computer first that understands a tiny part of the Internet. The portal computer will read the destination address and sends the packet to an adjoining gateway that reads the destination address and so on and so forth all over the Internet until one portal spots the packet that belongs to a computer within its next domain. That portal then sends the packet straight to the computer in the specified address.

Types of IP Address

  •  Shared IP address is where many computers are using the same IP address. The web servers usually recognize the website that user’s are looking for by looking at the domain that they entered. By typing this IP address, the web will usually give you a general data page, that the one you wanted in the first place.
  •  Dedicated IP address or also called static IP is a website that has its very own IP address. Typing in its URL or its numeric address, it will still give you the same domain.

If you have a shared hosting, you can add on a dedicated IP address service just by $3-$4 a month in order to enjoy this service compared to getting a dedicated serving which costs even more than that.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Address

  •  It gives you the chance to have an SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate. This gives you the opportunity to put “s” on https and lets the people know that internet connection is safe for money transactions.
  •  It gives you the opportunity to control your reputation as a reputable e-mail sender.
  •  If you usually asked your IP to be white listed, this will be very useful for you
  •  You can get better delivery rates if you use this IP address properly.

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