Who are the big names in shared hosting providers?

As of today there are so many web hosting companies to choose from. So many that you will be having a hard time telling them apart. When it comes to choosing a web hosting option, the shared hosting is the good way to go. It is cheap, user friendly and is ready to use, and it’s a very good starting point for those people who are just starting up a small online business.

In this new generation full of computers and digital machines, interconnected with the internet, many businessmen have started making blogs and websites to connect with their customers and gain more business opportunities. Many different hosting business owners gives more importance on making the composition of the website than giving the right kind of services to their customers.

Choosing a free server is not is out of the question when you are going be in a serious online business, since you will be given with limited benefits. In order to choose the right kind of web hosting company for you, here are a few guidelines in which will help you in doing that task.

 Data Backup Policy – there is a very big possibility that the server that you are in may crash and you may lose precious data. Those who have a huge online business, losing data will be devastating, so web hosts should have a back up policy for your data to be safe. You can check this aspect in their back up frequency, used methods and other applications.

 Customer and Technical Support – if a web hosting company offers a very good customer service, this is also a sign that it is an excellent choice. A good service consists of 24/7 support for its costumers, quick response to issues and problems.

 Cost – There is a difference between a cheap price and a reasonable price. In a cheap price, you will of course save some money, but you will also get a cheap priced service. In a reasonable price, you will save money, but you will also have the best service for its service price.

 SSL Safety – an SSL certificate is needed when your website deals with money transaction. Having this on your online business, people will transact money with you in a safe way.

 Control Panel – having a control panel for your own website gives you the capability to modify and manage your website

 Enough Space for future website growth – web hosts that gives you a reasonable offer for a enough room for your present website and for your future growth, this is considered better than other hosts.

Best Shared Hosting Services

 InMotion Hosting – is said to be the best when it comes to all business websites. It offers great work for web hosting for hundreds of professional business in the world. It has the highest and best reviews from the customers and webhosting reviews. I must admit it is pricier than other shared hosting services. But it gives you your money’s worth. It is highly suggested for business websites with heavy workloads.

 WebHostingHub – This web hosts boasts of its great work on small business, due to it being user – friendly which is great for young budding entrepreneurs. They offer affordable and very reliable hosting shared hosting.

 GreenGeeks – this is a new website which is found in Los Angeles. It uses cPanel to set up your website, modify and manage it your website. This web hosting is a great choice for those people with small to medium sized business.

 iPage – is mostly recommended for those who are looking for a web hosting service for personal blogs and businesses who are in a tight budget. It cheap but delivers good performance and great features.

A good hosting service provider will give you a good quality service. If all of these features are in a hosting company, then it can be as one of the best service givers in the business world. If you are worrying about choosing a wrong web hosting company, always consider these features to help you into choosing a good one.

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