Do shared hosting plans put ads on my site?

Notice those pop-ups whenever you click on something in a webpage? It is annoying sometimes, well most of the time. Instead of looking immediately to the webpage that you are checking out, you close the tab or window pop ups. It slows down your computer if you let them accumulate. Most of the times, it really is unavoidable. But causes this pop ups? Where do they come from. They are advertisements. And most of them, come from free web hosting sites.

What is a pop-up?

Pop-up ads or pop-ups is an online advertising on the internet web pages that is meant attract consumers, web page usage and popularity. They are usually just a new browser windows to display and promote advertisements. Java Scripts that uses cross site scripting or XSS generates these advertising pop-up windows, often times with a second haul that uses Adobe Flash, that can also be made by issues with a broken security in the browser.

A type of a pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement, which makes a new browser window under the active window. Pop-unders doesn’t bother the user immediately and are will not be seen until the main window is closed, making it hard to know which web page opened them.

What is a Free Web Hosting Service?

A free web hosting service is simply a web hosting service that is free to use. It is however, usually has advertisements. But it is not necessarily imposed that all of the free hosting sites will force an advertisement on your web page. Using a free web hosting service has limitations in your usage and will eventually ask you to buy or upgrade into a paid hosting. Free web hosts will commonly ask customers to add a subdomain or a directory. An example of a subdomain is An example of a directory is Some of these free hosts allow you to use a domain that is bought from other hosts. Many free web hosts make an agreement that no pornography will be allowed on their web pages.

What are the Benefits of a free web hosting service?

  •  You will not spend a single penny, while you can post everything that you want that can be put to your web page.
  •  This is a very good start up platform for beginners when it comes to making websites. They are user-friendly
  •  This will be a good training ground for you to learn and acquire knowledge in the world of web hosting without spending expensive tuition or monthly payments.

Drawbacks in Using a Free Web Hosting Service

  •  You must exclusively used their tools and software, and not buy any or download new application on the free web hosting host.
  •  You must accept the fact that they will most probably force or ask their advertisements on your ads. Not everything is free in this world. It is indeed free, so they’ll use the ads to gain or attract web traffic.
  •  These free web hosts offers only limited storage or data transmission. There is no room for your animations or colorful web page or video clips.
  •  A free web host gives you a web page that has its name on your domain address. If you have a big potential in your business, and the officers of that company sees you using this kind web hosting service, they might think that you aren’t successful enough and may not be successful at all if you continue to venture on that business. They might find someone who has the capacity to buy paid web hosting services.

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