What control panels do shared hosts offer?

What is a Web Hosting Control Panel?

A control panel when it comes to web hosting, is a web-based set up that web hosts give the customers the capability to manage their hosting application in one place. You can also manage your domain accounts online. It enables you to set up or manage, modify and monitor your website.

There are web hosts that invests a great deal of money on their control panels and there are others that use the generic and easy control panel solutions. As of today, there are many control panels to choose from. Some may require you to buy it and some are free. However, all of those control panels works with platforms such as Linux, Windows or UNIX.
These Control Panels can be made up of different tandem of applications. There are also control panels that are recommended for professional webmasters. Some can be used by bloggers and e-commerce. Every control panels has its pro’s and con’s.

Functions of the Control Panel in Shared Web Hosting

  •  a back up website
  •  if needed, manage your domains
  •  checking the disk storage and bandwidth
  •  monitor visitor statistics
  •  add or delete sub domains
  •  managing files, upload and download
  •  construct equipped scripts and control them
  •  organizing and maintaining databases, email and FTP accounts

Features to Choose from Web Hosting Control Panel

 H-Sphere – this is a platform for both Linux and Windows. It works like a server with its feature like account and email managing, payment handling and domain name registration

 Plesk – it is fixed and safe. It is also easy to use which includes helpful features such as an automated application installer. A Spam Assassin is a spam screening that is in the control panel.

 cPanel – this was made for users to be able to manage their database and make email accounts. It is also the developers and designers’ favorite due to the Perl script that doesn’t need a special database. This is also user-friendly. There are other useful feature of the cPanel, like it has an instant back up, setting up of CMS or Content Management System, blog features and forum applications

 GNUPanel – This is for Debian. The Debian is an operating system that is a collection of Free Software. It is coded in PHP or PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. The customer can control bandwidth and disk space, makes rules for account suspension, being able to send messages to users, accept Paypal and make public and private hosting plans.

 DirectAdmin – is web-based and also has a graphical structure. This was made to make managing websites, an easy task. This feature is very good in tandem with Red Hat, CenTOS, Fedora Core Ubuntu and Debian.

 Baifox – is a control panel that was made by the UNIX server to be able to administer web servers. This also uses PHP which can be seen and managed with HTML and Javascript

 Bluehost have a top of the line applications and their uses are explained to webmasters.

Having these control panels for our websites is a good advantage. We can manage, monitor and set it up for own preferences. Some of them are really easy to use and is user-friendly. And a usual, it is all up to you on which one will you choose for your website. They have their own good features. Just make a list of what you need, then you check each of them which will you be benefitting more the most. Just try to learn about each and one of them will be the one for you and your website.

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