Can I host multiple websites on one shared hosting account?

Short answer?

It depends on which hosting company you’re with.

Which Plan Supports Hosting Multiple Websites? Plus Baby Essential Plan
Number Of Websites Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Price $5.95/mo using this link $5.95/mo using this link $1.99/mo using this link

More and more first time website owners have been coming out. And there are many options for them to choose. So many that it is really becoming a hard task. Most hosting providers only allow you to have a single domain name on one account. This is okay if you only plan of owning only one website. But after a few years, you might have the possibility of having the need to make or add more websites, thus making you get another hosting plan for each of those websites.

Choosing an unlimited hosting account gives them possibilities of them in having an easy to use and very capable host. Most professional web hosts use unlimited shared hosting, like hosting many domains in one account. By doing this, you can use this method on different projects without any having issues or problems.

To make this happen, you have to get an Advanced Hosting package, in which you can have by making an add-on domain. Remember though, that a Basic Hosting plan doesn’t allow many domains, so the add-on option is not applicable. Using this plan has obvious good advantages. But before you choose, make sure that you know and researched every option that you have.

How to Host Multiple Websites in a single shared hosting account

Before choosing a plan, make sure that that solution truly offers unlimited domains that you can host in one shared hosting account. Some of these hosts tell consumers that their plans are unlimited, but not encompass multiple domains on the offer. In other words, you can only connect one domain to your hosting account. Now that you have your chosen hosting account, you have to set up your account. It is quite easy. Click Control Panel or cPanel, on the Domains section, choose Add-on Domains. A screen will pop out and you will see the add on domain creating window, there you will see that you need to fill up the following fields:

New Domain Name

This is where you write your chosen domain name


It is usually completed automatically when you use cPanel, but in most cases, you can leave it blank

Document Root

This is where you will put on what location of your folder where the data from the add on domain will be kept.


The password you will need to access your domain’s account

 And rewrite password

To verify the password you’ve put in

After filling up the required fields, just click the Add Domain button and you are finished. You will immediately see the new domain that you created. You can change or delete it.

What are the Advantages of Multiple domains in one shared account?

  •  it is cheap because you only pay for one account for many websites, it is a great investment
  •  being in a single hosting account, you can over see your websites from a single interface
  • Disadvantages of Multiple websites in one shared hosting account
  •  being on a single account, if there is an issue on the account, all of the websites will crash or will be down
  •  SEO or search engine optimization, if you host you website in one server, you may not get PageRank boosts from going between them

In order to choose wisely, you better weigh in the pro’s and cons of each plan or options you have and pick the one that will be best for you and your server. If you are ready to take a risk in keeping all your websites in one server, then this will be the best plan for you.

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