What technical features should I expect from a shared host?

Many web hosting companies and services have been popping out at present. All of them offer you features that you just can’t seem to resist. High speed performance, enhanced security, very good customer support etc. But they have been mostly focused on advertising those features. How about the technical features? These features also play a big part for a server to work on its peak. Many of these new web hosting companies have been promising this and that, and sometimes it doesn’t happen. A web hosting service and its customer should have a relationship built on honesty and reliability.

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows people and business to make themselves known in the World Wide Web. They usually offer people with storage space on their server. They also offer different features that the customers may be able to choose from depending on their needs. There are mainly two types of web hosting service:

 Dedicated Hosting – it is generally a web hosting service that offers people to host their website in a server of their own. It is quite expensive. It is recommended for those big companies with heavy data traffic and workload.
Shared Hosting – a customer’s websites will have to share one server with other websites. It is cheaper and is recommended for personal blogs and new and small business.

What is shared web hosting?

A shared web hosting is where a website is sharing a server with other people. It is generally cheap, easy to use and is great for beginners and for small business. It is also good for personal blogs. But it should never be used for those websites with heavy traffic and heavy workloads. Due to websites sharing in one server, this server should be equipped to have the capability to withstand immense traffic and long durability.

Technical Specifications for a Shared Hosting Service

There are several Technical specifications in which a shared web hosting needs to have. Or else the customers will suffer and may have to choose another web hosting provider. These specifications may not be important to you, but in fact they should be. When looking for the right shared web hosting service for you, these are just some of the technical specifications that you need to look out for.

 FTP or File Transfer Protocol – this is a common network protocol that is being used to transfer files from a host to another host through a TCP-based network namely the Internet. It is built in a client-server infrastructure and is using a different regulation and input relation between the customer and the server.
MySQL – is a free open source RDBMS or Relational Database Management System that handles SQL or Structured Query Language. It is very popular language especially for putting in and managing composition on a database. It is very trustworthy when it comes to being reliable, quick and easy to use.
Emails – it has to have an antivirus and anti-spam. A big mailbox capacity, get all emails and has an auto responder.
Ipv6 Support – or Internet Protocol Version 6 is the newest protocol version of the IP (Internet Protocol), the communications protocol that gives a description and place administration for computers in networks and manages traffic in the Internet.
 Operating Systems, such as Linux and Windows
SSL – or Secure Sockets Layer is a most common safe technology to establish
Domains – it is a part of a URL or Uniform Resource Locator that is used in going to websites. Many shared web hosting services offer unlimited domains, external and subdomains, domain pointers and DNS management.
Firewall Protection – a firewall is a part of a computer system or part of a network that was made to stop unpermitted entrance while going in a website.

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