What type of website is shared hosting best for?

Shared Hosting is the usual choice for websites that aren’t like those big car companies or chain of malls. It is a hosting service that is often used by those who are just beginning to discover the world of the internet and the World Wide Web for their own personal and business goals alike. It is cheap, and if you choose a respectable host, you will also get an efficient and top of the line performance. It is a hosting service in which your website shares storage and applications with other costumers in a single server.

There are many benefits that you can get if you choose to use a shared hosting service such as not being expensive and professionals that will manage your websites for you. Of course, there are also drawbacks like not being able to install your own personal choices of software, security issues and data traffic issues. But even so, it is still the most chosen pick and recommended for those with a low budget but also get everything they want.

Not all hosts are made at the same standards. Some provide great customer service but offers small storage, and some gives you an option for a big data storage, but not being able to talk to your support at all. Sometimes, they also offer you services and storage that you don’t really need that sounds really attractive for a beginner. Because of so many options and different kind of offers in costs, storage, bandwidth etc, choosing the one for you is something you must do with great knowledge.

Important Features you should look for when choosing the right web host for you

  •  Bandwidth
  •  Storage capacity
  •  Shared hosting prices
  •  Dedicated hosting prices
  •  VPS prices
  •  Email accounts
  •  Database tables
  •  MySQL database

Type of Websites that is recommended for shared hosting

Personal websites

It can be a portfolio, a business card, hobby site, personal blogs or an online journal. It is not easy looking for the best personal web host. But when you are selecting one, there are a few pointers you should think about to get the right one for you. Without having a standard criteria, you may end up choosing the wrong one for you. First, you should research about servers that is right for your personal website. List down what you think you may need for your website, the go to web hosting websites and check their plans that matches your needs. Also, the server that you will choose should be working 24/7 so people can visit it anytime of day. Check their customer support, they should be able to help with any issues in the right manner and fast response. Also, before signing on a contract with them, make sure to check their money back guarantee.

 Small Businesses and E-Commerce companies

The websites being an essential and integral part of many small companies today, you’re going to ask yourself, how can I choose what is right for me? There are a lot of web hosting companies that offers a very wide selection of web hosting packages. Here is a list of what you should look for.

  •  operating systems
  •  bandwidth
  •  reviews
  •  upgrading and downgrading
  •  control panels
  •  software capability
  •  price
  •  storage
  •  customer service
  •  transmission process

Never choose a web host just because it is the cheapest. Being cheap, may have many issues coming with it such as slow bandwidth that will definitely be a problem. Also, be careful of those review that you read in some hosting websites. Do not rely on them, instead compare them with other companies, rather than believing only those reviews.

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