Do shared hosting providers always charge yearly?

As a customer, we have the right to choose which hosting plan that we need. Shared hosting gives us more advantages because it has a lot of different plans that are customized to the type of website you use for a cheap price. But at present, most plans that you see are those that offer the best specifications in paying yearly.

All of the fees that are included in it has a reason for why it needs to be in the plan of the web hosting provider, and why it is better for customers to go with a certain fee for a long term plan. The biggest reason is that this is a shared hosting provider, meaning, the payment won’t be too expensive. The drawback is that there are limitations when it comes to the amount of special service that your provider can give you at a price.

Here is a list of features that you will be paying for:

 Security – This is a very important part of a web hosting service. Sharing a server with other people pose a few risks for the customers. It should always be checked, monitored and updated

 Maintenance – This may be one of the few reasons why you may pay a bit more on web hosting. Web hosts need professionals to manage and update your website and the server

 Customer support – all websites may encounter a few issues. A good shared hosting service must have great customer support. One who will fix and solve your issues right away.

 Insurance – as I said, websites may eventually come to a problem, such as obsolete processors or broken parts, the hosting service should have insurance for customers.

What are types of plans that are offered yearly?

 1 year free hosting before the paid plan – The advantage is getting is paying 2 for the price of one. If you think that the service they’re giving you is good, then you can choose to continue your plan. They will ask your assurance that you will subscribe to them as a customer.

 Money back guaranteed – They will give you a chance to try first their hosting service, if you don’t like any of their offer, you can stop the service and get your money back in the given time they give you.

 Paid straight, with higher benefits – This relies mainly on the hosts reputation. They don’t give you assurance or proof that they are good. That’s why most web hosts offer the first 2, or a combination of the 3.

Benefits of Shared Hosting Yearly Plans

There are many people that choose a monthly hosting plan due to the fact that they can check and update every month for their subscriptions. They can also stop subscribing if they want to, without anything stopping them, especially if it’s a pretty important website. Sometimes though, if you forget to pay for the next month, the service can sometimes be clumsy or slows down. Yearly hosting plans also have benefits too.

  1.  Cheaper – you will save half the cost of choosing a monthly plan
  2.  Save Money in the Future
  3.  No Monthly Bill – No need to be reminded that you have to pay every month for the plan.
  4.  Guarantee – Almost of the web hosting companies offers you to try their web hosting first. This gives you the chance to check how everything is in their hosting service. If you don’t like anything in their service, you can just opt out and get your money back
  5.  Smart Business

All hosting providers give offers that you can’t resist when it comes to Yearly plans. You must check if they have a money back guarantee or not. Just in case you don’t like one of what they can offer, for example in just 4 months you want to stop using their service, you can get a refund for the remaining 8 months. You must make sure that they are offering this before you take their offer. So if you are satisfied with their service and is reliable and trustworthy, you can pay annually and save a lot of money.

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