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bluehost-milestoneBlueHost has a new program that allows college and university students to get their own web hosting account at a much lower price.

The regular price for the basic web hosting plan starts at $5.99/month but with the BlueHost for Education program, you can sign up for only $4.95/month. Here are the core features of the BlueHost for Education package:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Add-on domains
  • Unlimited GB for site transfer
  • Custom email accounts
  • POP3 or POP3 Secure Mail
  • FTP access
  • Free domain name for one year
  • Amazing portfolio building tools

If you’re a college/university student or professor, make sure to click here to access the BlueHost for Education program discount.

What is BlueHost for Education, Anyway?

This special BlueHost program offers simple, user-friendly web hosting solutions for students and faculty. With web hosting, you can build a place to put a lot of things online, including your portfolio, your blog, your resume, or even your class assignments.


Nowadays, it’s important for students and faculty to be online. With BlueHost for Education, you can easily create an amazing site to showcase your work and even publish your ideas. And once you graduate, you will already be armed with a website that you can present to your potential boss.

BlueHost will keep things simple for you. If you’re a student, you can sign up for an account. If you’re an instructor, you can get an account for FREE. If you’re an educator, BlueHost offers institution programs that make this available for many students. They provide a lot of amazing and useful tools, tutorials, as well as comprehensive tech support along the way. You don’t even have to touch a single line of code!


The Importance of a Student Website

With a student website, you can showcase your goals and achievements to potential employers and obtain a good paying job once you graduate. If you have unique things to offer, put them online through a portfolio, blog, or a website that will get your message out to the world. It’s a lot like creating your own marketable brand, and it’s something potential employers will want to check out. This could include your assignments, blogs, work resume, awards and recognitions, as well as ideas.

Stud Bundle

With an education student bundle, you’ll get the following features that will help you get the word out there:

  • Free domain name
  • Tutorials and how-to videos to help you get started right away
  • Amazing portfolio building tools like WordPress and Concrete5
  • Custom email accounts
  • 24/7 tech support from experts

The great thing about having an education student bundle with BlueHost is that it’s for keeps! This means that, once you graduate, your account will remain open, your site stays up and running, and you can continue adding content and making changes as usual.

Faculty or Institution

BlueHost for Education is perceived to only cater to college and university students when it actually includes faculty members and institutions, as well.

Once you’re verified to be a member of the faculty, you can get a FREE BlueHost account. They’ll make it easy to instructors to build their own portfolio and familiarize themselves with the tools their students can use. Institutions can also set up their own account with BlueHost, making it easy for educators to explore the possibilities for their students.

The best thing about the BlueHost for Education program is that the website administrator does not need to learn or know complex programming codes.

Faculty Features and Benefits

Faculties are given an account for free, although BlueHost has to verify the teaching contract of a faculty to an established educational institution. The faculty can therefore use their BlueHost website to not only include class assignments and teaching hours, but also their published works, as well as professional resume. They can also use their website to encourage their students develop professionally accepted content.

Benefits for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions highly encourage their students to develop business and technical skills that they can use after they graduate.


There are two ways for you to set up an institution account: fee-based or pre-paid. With each plan, BlueHost will create an institution landing page where students can sign up. This will serve as a web portal that allows institutions to keep track of student participation. Whether you choose the fee-based or pre-paid plan, you will surely give your students something valuable – developing online skills that will be useful in any career path they choose.

Fee-based Plan

BlueHost for Education’s fee-based plan offers an amazing hosting plan for your students where they can sign up online or through your bookstore. And just like a bookstore, BlueHost will pay you a margin fee, similar to buying a textbook. In your website, you can see the students who have participated in the program.

Pre-paid Plan

The pre-paid plan is perfect for institutions looking to settle upfront. You can cover the cost of the initial term for each student you want in the program, which could be 1 to 4 years. Quantity discounts are also available. The student will cover the renewal fees as needed. Simply send the list of students to BlueHost and they can sign up online with their email address. Your website lets you see the number of students who have signed up in your program.

Still not sure about which web hosting package is right for your needs? Head on to my full review of BlueHost before looking at other web hosting providers. Rest assured that BlueHost are not newbies when it comes to providing quality services at very affordable prices. In fact, BlueHost for Education is powered by one of the best and most well established web hosting providers in the world!

Today, BlueHost hosts millions of domains and continues to attract thousands of new clients every month with their speedy, reliable, and user-friendly services. Trust that this company’s student-oriented branch will take good care of you, too!

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