BlueHost Control Panel Guide

All BlueHost accounts include the industry-leading cPanel control panel.

It’s well-organized and makes managing your web hosting account and websites easy. BlueHost’s customized cPanel also includes some additional features to make it easier for you to manage WordPress websites (backups, security, themes, and more). BlueHost is a big believer in WordPress, and that’s earned them a top spot in our best WordPress hosting list.

So, let’s take a look at the control panel in BlueHost…

If you don’t have a BlueHost account yet, go to and click the “get started now” button. If you use this link, you’ll get the lowest pricing and a FREE domain too.

When you login to your BlueHost account, here’s what it looks like:

The control panel serves as the command center where you can access your accounts, manage your domains, install scripts and applications, back up your site, and more. Some of the core features of the cPanel are the following:

  • Whether you are a beginner or an expert user, cPanel will meet all your web hosting needs as you manage your BlueHost account.
  • Bluehost comes with the SimpleScripts add-on on cPanel so where clients can access various applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Zen Cart, OS Commerce cart, and many more.
  • Even if you’re on a different web hosting company, switching to BlueHost won’t be a difficult thing to do with cPanel.
  • If you have multiple websites, you can use cPanel to create and manage all kinds of websites.
  • cPanel has regular updates, with a user guide on their website which is accessible to any user.

Accessing Bluehost’s Control Panel

To access the control panel on your BlueHost account, simply log in via their website by typing your domain name and your password. Once you’re logged in, you will notice that the left-hand side lists details about your site, as well as a list of frequently accessed areas in the control panel.

The right-hand side will contain the following tools and resources:

  • Databases
  • Domains
  • Files
  • Logs
  • Mail
  • Preferences
  • Security
  • SEO Tools
  • Software

If you don’t have a BlueHost account yet, go to and click the “get started now” button. If you use this link, you’ll get the lowest pricing and a FREE domain too.

Choosing the right web hosting company for your website needs makes the difference between creating and managing a highly successful website and wasting your hard-earned cash on poor service. So make sure to do your homework before taking the plunge and find out which one is perfect for you.

BlueHost has been in the web hosting industry since 2003. They are one of the first companies in the business, with a solid track record despite the tight competition of various web hosting companies all over the Web. A lot of site owners turn to BlueHost as they provide top-notch web hosting solutions at reasonable prices, making them one of the very few companies that have been in the industry for over a decade.

BlueHost Web Hosting: Cutting Edge Technology

BlueHost boasts the use of modern-day equipment and technologies that help them provide the best possible service to their clients. These include:

  • Modern quad servers
  • Backup generators
  • 24/7 monitoring by experts
  • Mirrored backups
  • Speedy Internet connection

Bluehost Web Hosting Packages

From business owners to individuals looking for full functionality on a tight budget, BlueHost has a range of web hosting plans to meet your needs. They offer some of the best web hosting solutions in the industry, and at very reasonable prices.


Some of the features and options that you will get to enjoy with a BlueHost account include:

  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free drag-and-drop site builder
  • Free domain name registration
  • Support for international domain names
  • Easy-to-use CMS
  • Secured pages


No Multiple Sign-in Required!

Other web hosting companies still require multiple logins before you can access all of their applications. But with Bluehost, it’s as simple as entering your username and password! Once you log in, you’ll immediately be directed to your control panel where you can manage your account and access everything, from your website(s), emails, domains, etc.


The same can be said if you wish to access your site builders, email, applications, and other options necessary for managing your website(s). You only have to log in once and you’re good to go! BlueHost also makes it easy for you to set up a new account with the help of some tools and guides to get you started with your new BlueHost account right away.

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